Friday, May 4, 2007

Headed to Williamsburg... (not Richmond)

So I decided to edit this post since my original entry was written slighty sideways, head on a pillow, typing one handed, barely making any sense at all.......

The not-so-hidden-meaning of that entry was: Holy-shit-I-am-tired!!

But moving on:

So first off, quoting myself - The Cowboy:
"Shot with a cowboy yesterday
He randomly gave me the keys to his condo in New Orleans
He breaks in race horses and trains them for a living.
Half are in Maryland and the other half are in Louisiana.
When he was fifteen years old, he hitched a train headed north
and wrangled horses in Montana."

Basically, that part explains itself. I went to shoot with a cowboy, who lives in a nice country home in MD with his little dog, Scotty. In casual conversation - he inquired about the cross-country trip, "Where you headed?" Went down the roster, mentioned New Orleans.... "New Orleans can be scary," he left the room and returned with a spare set of keys and some simple directions. "I'd like to have you stay at my condo while you're there, it's in a good neighborhood, there's a security guard at night - I will feel better knowing that you're safe. Also if you want to relax, there's a hot-tub and a pool - you'll have the entire place to yourself. When you're finished.... just lock it up, throw the keys in this self-addressed envelope, and send them back to me." Is that cool, or what? He kindly asked me not to trash the place and not to throw any big parties..... haha. On top of being really cool - he also talented as a photographer....... Still shooting film, of course, like any self respecting Cowboy would do. : )

He was a Good Cowboy
But according to the world wide web, there are Bad Cowboys too.
If you want to shoot some down, you can go here.

The New Shooter!
Then, later that night, I took on a last minute shoot - It was literally maybe four emails sent on MM - and we were booked. It was his first nude shoot.... which was really awesome. I always feel so honored when I get to be the first. It's like sex, you just never forget your first nude model, haha....

What is all this talk about "Roanoke.... "

Well, if you take a little look at my road-trip map - my next cites are VA Beach, Raleigh, and Charlotte. I didn't update on here but - I removed Charlotte...... I was having the worst time booking it.....In the meantime, I kept getting these emails from people in South Virginia asking me to take my trip up there, Roanoke. So I checked it out. Just like Raleigh to Charlotte, it's only a three hour trip - and there are many more photographers in that area. So we'll see how that goes.

The Pin-Up Shoot.....was FUCKING AWESOME. It was a shoot for a 2008 calender which will be coming out in a few months. The proceeds go to help the families of the soldiers who fight overseas..... it's a really great idea and when the calender comes out, I really do hope that you toss the Walmart calender and tack me on your wall. They will be 14.95, I think.

Also, at that shoot I got to hang out with Miss Eve Laurence. She is currenly a porn-star with a husband overseas. She was - supporting 'The Cause' with her un-supported boobies. : )


IanBond said...

Wish i could see you here in Richmond, London.
Roanoke...what the hell is in Roanoke? There's the really classy Hotel Roanoke, and mountains, and, well, thassit. Pretty quiet after rockin' Nascar, so enjoy.

hammer said...

keys to condos
what the????

get some sleep

London Andrews said...

Sorry to miss you in Richmond - I am actually in Williamsburg all weekend.... Richmond is a madhouse because of the race. Kind of happy to be out of the way.....

... and condos are cool, Hammer.
That's all anyone needs to know. : )

TJ said...

Wow so uhmmm 2 of my absolute favorites hanging out together, the world could not be a happier place

Alfred said...

Racing and London. Does it get any better than that? ;)