Friday, August 22, 2008

Matt bought his Bunring Man Ticket!

Matt called me and told me that he bought his Burning Man ticket this morning.... "Whooooo! Matt! You're fucking coming to Burning Man! How are you getting there?" "Ummmm, don't know - I didn't think that far." Ha. I would not expect any more nor any less from him.... after looking up outrageously priced last-minute airline tickets and bus tickets for about an hour over the phone together, looks Matt has lined up a ride with Burner out of NY - He will be arriving on the playa Tuesday evening to grab his ticket at the Will Call booth.... whooo! Matt is coming to Black Rock!

We have no room in the camper, but we are now going to pack a tent and an airmattress ..... it will be just like last year - a tent, a sand storm, an airmattress... cookin in the mornin-times... I look forward to it completely... whooo!


forestviking said...

Some people on earth don't believe in random things at all,
sometimes I think it's just too random to be fate or planned, who knows?

In this case, it might not be so very random, more natural and crazy at the same time.
Give things time to happen and they will, random or not!

Very nice to be welcomed by two ladies that are preparing accomodation according to circumstances ;-))

It must be a really great feeling to be living in the desert for a while, deserts are (unfortunately) out of reach around here!
The sun is shining anyway all the time :-)

wishing You, Cora and Matt ( not ot forget Cora's better half!) the best time of all!
Would You mind posting a pic from Your tye-dying creations?

Rich said...

Wow, I was just looking you up after checking out one of your tickle videos for the first time in years, and I find this! Nice job! Btw do you still do tickle vids/photos? Because I'd sure love to employ you for one! Be honest, are you really as ticklish as in those vids? Which is your most sensitive spot?!


Anonymous said...

It's the wildest thing - I just saw a post from the blog of a girl I don't know personally, and she's looking for someone to stay with at Burning Man...and I thought of you. But, I don't *really* know you, and I don't *really* know her, and like, what if you guys both hated me for even suggesting such a thing? So yeah, never mind...but anyway I couldn't help but say wow, small world that I'd run into 2 blogs with 2 girls that wound up at the same place.

And before your blog, I'd never even fucking heard of Burning Man.

forestviking said...

Hi London, Cora, Matt and?

thanks for those impressive pictures from BM, the light and atmosphere is fantastic, just on the pictures!

Must be even better in real!

How was resurrection?

enjoy the last days,

from the north on the other side

Alfred said...

Hope you guys are OK after the dust storm.

Anonymous said...

Hi London! Hope you had a blast at Burning Man and have lots of salicious stories to share with us. I've missed your musings but know it's because you're too busy actually having fun and living your life -- something I should learn to do. Anyways, hope everything is cool, the holiday was awesome and Happy September. This is my favorite time of year, especially with Autumn right around the corner. I'm sure Upstate will be absolutely gorgeous when the leaves begin to turn. Of course, not as gorgeous as you. Ciao Bella! :D