Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No internet...

... until at least Thursday afternoon.... but we had a fucking blast, Burning Man is the most amazing festival on the planet. I will get back to blogging in a few days... lots of photos - lots of stories - lots of things to catch up on....

If Matt can figure his life out in the next 20 minutes, he might just be coming back to Syracuse with me tomorrow morning... that would be nice. I love him lots.... I have some really crazy news, last time I was home... the VJ doctors were hounding me because I was supposed to go to some important appointment that I kept blowing off because I was traveling so much, took my one-and-only day home to go to the doctors all day.... had another a colposcopy (not the butt-thing, but another thing - second time) - Just got a call while I was at Burning Man, turns out I have cervical cancer..... surgery is set for Sept 17th..... so fuckity fuck fuck, eh? I am not good with things that are serious, I like to pretend that they do not exist... because I do not feel sick - I feel alive and happy and wonderful after getting back from the Black Rock Desert. Fuck HPV, and fuck not having healthcare....

Anyways, due to the recent event of surgery - I will be having an e-bay sale when I get back home to raise money..... this is so last minute.... I am guessing lots of prints and clothes and maybe parts of things that were once my bedroom? Don't send me pity emails, please please please..... just help out if you can, and if you cannot, just think really positive thoughts - because Matt seems to believe that the universe believes in them.... : )

Love you guys, I will be back in action and blogging in a few days. My computer is back home in NY and the internet here only exists at the bookstore....


Stewie Hues said...


Your friend Stewie sends you well wishes. This is going to be tough but you will have the support from myself and several others.

I know with surgery and a good attitude you will be able to kick this thing.

Stewie Hues

Kev said...

Go kick cancer's ass and let us know when the sale starts.

Kev said...

Oh, and by the way - -

- - I never knew Stormtroopers wore sneakers. Of course, as lousy shots as they are, I guess they need to be ready to run . . .

Jonathan said...

Send me the link to your auction thing at fantasyworksproductions@gmail.com

forestviking said...

Hi, London,
glad You loved BM, You are so lucky!

Eager to read more about it, thanks for announcement!

(hope You don't mind a repetition)

You are so honest, so incredibly honest, so clear and open to this blogg and Yourself, this amazes me every time.
Thank You for it!

Did You mean to write: "..serious things....I like to pretend they do n o t exist"..., suppose so.?
Doesn't make sense the other way....

They exist, but not with more value or weight, than You give them in Your thoughts.

No need to feel sick because of a diagnosis of some sickness in very early state, at all!

You are alive, happy and wonderful, not the least doubt about it!

Sounds like time was due for "people between the rocks"?

Would be really great to be able to contribute something, that helps much to You but is little to me.
Not sure if You could accept any financial help in some form and how it could be made real.
Please feel free to utter any suggestion of help in any form.

There is so much positiveness and joy in Your life and this blogg, that I feel like trying to return a tiny bit to You, if only possible!

Matt is so very right about the universe and really positive thoughts, they have a lot of power!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Give him my deep appreciation, please.

You might want to let us know about e-bay scedules ;-))

PD said...

Yes, Stormtroopers are lousy shots, but every now & then they get lucky. Like these two.

London, holler when the sale starts. We'll come a running. Need to talk, we'll come a running. Matt's right about the positive thoughts. A wise person once told me: "Things work out in the end because they always do."

And she is right.

Thinking of you, & love you back. :)

Don Capari said...


I wanna help send me a link to your eBay sale.

Keep smiling.....


London Andrews said...

I need to have prints made up and get all my things together - just got back home a few hours ago (my cat is just sooo friggin cute!!).....

... I figure I will be putting up the ebay link by Saturday at the latest.. don't worry, I will totally kickass - it is what I do.. ha : ) - Cancer aint got nuthin on me... it is just the surgery that does, it is so incredibly expensive... healthcare in the US is so lame and this all happened at the worst possibly time for me. Have to take care of it though.....

I love your support, and emails and love.... and I thank you for not throwing a pity party... it makes me really happy.

Things will work out in the end - they always do... : )

SFMoe said...

email me your address and ill send you something to sell if you want ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Love You too London. I for one will definitely do what I can to help when your auction comes up. You are so amazing, so uniquely postive and with such a beautiful spirit(you Pisces gals are like no other). People like you have such good Karma surrounding them. I just know you will succeed in that go get 'em style we're so used to seeing. Been reading your blog since June '07 (the only one I read actually) and quite frankly you still amaze me. I'm so glad you are surrounded by people who care about you and I appreciate you letting us into your life. My only pity is for that cancer's ass which you will royally kick. I look forward to your auction. If there's anything else you need, please don't be shy about letting us know. Best wishes with hugs and kisses.


gibsonvt said...

Cats, magical tea, and happiness to you. You have mine and my family’s happy thoughts and support. My sister went through the same stuff at 19. She is 25 now and has had no problems since. Get yourself fixed and then we will fix that mustang. Looking forward to the greatest EBay event ever! How was the Billion Bunny March? Go kick some ass; you have an army of friends, family, and fans with you.

Fedora said...

I totally avoid the VJ doctor for fear they will poke me and charge me too much. There are certain risks with that behaviour, but like you, I am working and playing to hard to be bothered.
I am lighting a candle for you. hang in there.

Lin said...

Go kick cancer's ass! You certainly have the personality and inner strength to defeat this thing. Stay strong, and don't be afraid to accept any and all offers of help. Your readers are here for you, and you'd be surprised how much support we can be (mine were brilliant when my cancer came back earlier this year.) Keep us posted.

forestviking said...

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Cuelho and the alchimist, more quotes on the internet:

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The challenge will not wait.

Life does not look back.

A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.

*** Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

*** Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.

Found this here:

If it doesn't appeal to You, just ignore it and don't mind me sending, please.

Don't know how he knew , but felt like sending it to You right now.