Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy, Thankful, and on Painkillers

Everything went OK yesterday - I still feel like I did wayyy too many situps or kind of like someone sucker punched me in the cervix with a bullhorn.... Luckily they give you some very fancy drugs to stop the cramping...... that part is quite nice : ) I am OK. Doctor said if I take it easy, I should be back in action by this Saturday. Results should be in by Wednesday next week....

Wanted to thank everyone who helped out with the sale, perhaps even more so - those who helped with donations. You helped in ways that you do not even know - the sale raised over $1800 and the last-minute donations on Tuesday night total to more than $1000 in themselves..... I could individually name all of you (although I will not): Some are names that I have not talked to in years, others I talk to often, some were models, some were photographers (many were photographers) - several are just good friends who read this blog.

I would have disappeared under those bills.
Was stressing out so much.....
Seriously - in debt to all of you....
My cervix is no longer going to fall apart!

Love seeing people work together for a cause - Matt and I attended the ZooneyFest last week.... and it is just amazing to see how a group of people can make such a difference.... we saw it here through the blog a few days ago, I saw it there - the place full of bikers, donating, supporting - for a baby who needed a heart surgery.... I donated everything I had in my wallet that day.... Matt and I danced around to DirtFarm and talked to a bunch of friends of Joe Zunic.... We hung out next to this giant bonfire, in the pouring rain - just talking about what an amazing force a single group of people can be ..... Anyways, I have no idea where I am going with this - I basically just wanted to say Thank You.... : )


gibsonvt said...

Glad to hear the cervix is not going to fall apart, Now let's get that pony fixed. Great Job everyone! Hope to see ya soon. London rules!

forestviking said...

Very pleased things worked out for You so well,
thanks everybody for taking part, excellent job everyone!

You were right, again : ".. things work out, they always will......"

It is only fear that could kill a dream!

Thank You so much for this blogg !!

PD said...

Now Miss Andrews, do what the doc says & relax. Put your feet up, get some reading done, & just relax.

The Pics came today. Who knew they moved Christmas to September? Absolutely Beautiful.
Don't know what to frame first: the pics, or the note you were kind enough to throw in.
Very Kind of you.
You are right, it is a funny ol'world.

Again, great news. You take it easy.
Thank you London.

chris ward said...

thank you for your note with the pics, seriously as someone who has never met you but you are a stronger person and all the best on a speedy recovery!

Topless New York said...

Massive hugs coming your way from Manhattan. So glad it went smoothly, and can't wait to see you again!

Dave said...

Great News London! Take it easy and feel better soon.

Rodney said...

So glad to see that you are doing well!! Hope your recovery goes as well.

Anonymous said...

Are we even surprised everyone? Of course we knew you'd pull through with flying colors! I am so happy for you London. Take some time this weekend to relax and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather; no need to rush. Let us know if you need anything else. Love, hugs and kisses galore from NYC. ;D

forestviking said...

Hi London,

You all might forgive me for this comment,it's old Cuelho
( The alchimist) speaking again:

"...It's true; life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny, the boy thought....."
( after having found the treasure)

Think he definitely was describing this blogg...

wishing You all the best, from the now autumn-coloured mountains in the North

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your well, up and running (well, not running, but u know what I mean). I'm having trouble with my Paypal account, but I promise to get your payment on its way this week. Big kisses 4 u.

forestviking said...

Hi London,

being home with a damaged knee, going on crutches, it was brightening the day today enormously to find Your print and so sweet note in my letterbox today.

(Though the weather gods were spoiling me wrotten, with 3rd day pure sun in a row, barefoot in shorts sitting outside most of the day....)
Life is so wonderful!

PD is right,Christmas is September this year!

Thanks ever so much,

keep it up, all the best from the country of trolls and fjords,

hope You had a similar pleasant day today!