Monday, September 29, 2008

Victor is the Shiz-izzle

Genuinely elated.... Not only has my body been Doctored-Up - but my mustang has been Doctored-Up as well.... Victor put my car back together - New rotors, new brakes, a little bit of air in the tires. No longer drives like a boat but more like a rockstar - a total rockstar. If it came down to it - I would just explain to you that my car is kind of like an extension of myself...... When my car feels bad, I also feel bad. When my car is having a good day, I also have a good day. If I wanted to visualize perfect-content happiness: It would consist of myself... driving across Utah, with this endless sky above my head, clean air for miles, rain off in the distance, no other cars on the road - in my mustang - top down - really good music.. If my car could visualize happiness - I would hope it would choose that memory too.

Victor's family is the bomb-diggity. He married this hot super-mom who can make a pie, juggle two kids, and stand on one foot and sing all at the same time - She could do anything. And his kids are awfully cute (You'll never catch me saying that again... ha...) It was a really nice break, hanging out at his place.... Next time, I visit - I am bringing Matthew and we are going to camp in Victor's giant backyard... yup yup

This evening, I will be staying with Model T in Pottstown, PA. She is *also* the Shiz-izzle.... a retro-bombshell tucked away in the depths of the state of Pennsylvania. Only spending a night or two out there, grabbing a ride to the train station, and off to NYC I shall go. This is going a very strange trip for me. I love NYC.... and while I am incredibly thankful that Matt is still currently in Syracuse - I cannot remember a time where he was not in NYC. He was around even before I started modeling..... I would pick him up and we would do dinner, or bubble-tea, or Central Park. We would have little mini-adventures - ferries to Staten Island, nights by the river, concerts in the park, long walks absolutely nowhere.... and then of course, there's Patrick. He was always my main reason for visiting NY. But he left me and is gone as well, somewhere off in Cleveland. Point is: That this will be my first trip to the city - specifically for work and nothing else. Have no real place to stay - a few nights at a hotel here, a motel there, maybe a friend of a friend's place.... it is all kind of sad, I guess. I do not know how I will adjust to that.....

Traveling with Kimberly Marvel for a few days while in NYC. That should be fun.


gibsonvt said...

London we already miss you so much here. Glad the car is back to rockstar status. Hurry back soon and be safe. Stay in touch.

PD said...

Think of it this way, its something new for you in the City of all Cities. You might discover something there that you haven't yet. You are on a roll right now, just keep it going. Keep that optimism. :)

Ben said...

First a disclaimer - these comments are dated owing to the distractions caused by dealing with not one, but two hurricanes (esp the later!)

While we were sorry to hear about the health scare, we nonetheless share your joy in the quick recovery and positive diagnosis. We could add some deep crap here, but think we'll pass.

Regarding the move to Austin?? Given some previous posts, we would have expected another destination, but we'll take it as a Texas win. And depending on your route, if it involves a southerly route along Interstate 10, consider this an invitation to a waystation in deep southeast Texas. Mrs. and I extend this offer of southern hospitality.

Finally, does this mean "On the Road" is going off the air, or morphing into something different? Regardless, let us know where you alight.

Take care . . .

Anonymous said...

Just stumbling through MM and saw you and your link to the blog. I had favorite'd one of the pics on this blog a few months ago on flickr not knowing who you were. Beautiful pics.

Feel free to visit me: