Saturday, September 6, 2008

Burning Man - 08 continued (Thursday-Friday)

Alright, Matt just made me a very yummy supper - so I am ready to dish out the rest of BM.....

Thursday Tracy, Matt, Brandon, Sherry (our neighbor), and I - all took off early on a mission to find Bloody Mary's. Now anyone who as attended Burning Man knows that if you go out looking for something in Black Rock City, you shall never find it. It only shows up when you least expect it.... So of course, our Bloody Mary hide-out had run out of vodka *gasp, oh no!*.... Did manage to get some tomato juice and lime-o.... all was not lost. Wandered down to the HeeBeeGeeBee Camp for a bit, filled out the Costco SoulMate Search which was right nextdoor... I will admit that I filled out the forms, mostly to see who Matt would get matched up with.... When the results came back, I think my soulmate was much more 'me' than Matt's was 'him'.... Somehow lost Tracy and Brandon, Matt and I drank Chai Tea and finalized on going to one of the meditation classes: "Find your Power Animal, an Introduction to Alchemy." It was a great class. Two and a half hours later, I now know that my Power Animal..... is a 6 foot tall ladybug.... Grabbed Tracy, went to get Noodles at the White Dragon Noodle Bar - and it was SO fucking awesome, because not only did they remember Matt and I, but they had a photoalbum with us in it!!!!... It feels good when people remember you, you feel like you belong a little bit more, like you made an impression.... that night Tracy, Brandon, Matt and I all went out to see a play, we brought Matt's new friends from his crosscountry trip with us...... Matt and I spent the evening wandering around all the art installations, we found a real 50's diner that served grilled cheese and coffee about a two miles out near 1 o'clock, and a puppet theatre full of stoners.... I took him to the 12 story steel structure realllly far out - I loved that 12 story thing... it was where I first got stranded in the dust storm on Monday afternoon.... around 4am, I left Matt - who was distracted by every shiny thing imaginable, in this case, a giant photobooth... went back to camp.....

Friday.... what the hell did we do on Friday? T, B, M and I found bar that had misters and hung out there for a good three hours.... Took poloroids of people and handed them out.... made some good friends that day. Tracy and I did the Critical Tits parade, but we ended up heading back to camp because I had not eaten all day and I was about to land on my face..... While we were at camp, we used our neighbor's shower-area... cleaned up a bit. Tracy ended up crashing hard in the camper, she deserved it, it had been a crazy week. Found Matthew - we went out on a search to track down his SoulMate.... somewhere that night, I lost him.... ended up wandering around the city by myself, just like the old times. I found MY bar.... my bar from last year... with all my dirty old man friends.... it was wonderful. Sat around watching bands, catching up with people, visiting their camping areas, checking out Silcone Valley area most of the night.... I wandered back to camp, fell asleep, was woken up by a brief duststorm, could not fall back asleep, so got up and watched the sunrise with some of our distant neighbors.... mmm... coffee...

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forestviking said...

Wow again! !

so much atmosphere and vibes in so few words and pictures, think You might consider Yourself as really gifted ( right word??) with such abilities.


Really like the red hair outfit too!

Soulmate-finding might be quite hard, sometimes and just happening other times ;-)

Feel even more like having been to BM this year!

Thank You again sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!