Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dirty Laundry.....

Names and scenarios have been changed to protect the innocent: A few days ago I worked with a model that I had always wanted to meet - The photographer who hired us had a very particular shot in mind, it involved both the model and I caressing each other's faces and staring deeply into one another's eyes..... The set was perfect, our hair was perfect, the shot was beautifully lit.... and she leaned in for the shot, put her hands to my face...... and I swear, I almost puked. Her hands reeked of poop.... I mean, reeked! Twas like this gorgeous siren had just scratched her swampy butt crack and then thought it would be sexy to let me smell them. Ugh, it was so gross. Tracy and I have dubbed her as, "Poop Fingers" for all eternity...

While in Indianapolis, Tracy and I got to work on creating a music video for a photographer friend named Joe that I met last year. I got casted to play a nice college kid turned crack-whore. Tracy played my dealer. Nice spin on the usual modeling gigs, all on green screen, all acting, all good company. Was humorous when Joe called up his nextdoor neighbor, "Do you think you could come over and get a blow job? No, no - not a real blowjob, but for the music video? We need a fake blowjob....." While we worked.... Sara, Joe's wife... did all our dirty laundry. So now Tracy and I have an entire car of clean clothing - You do not know how exciting that is since our dirty clothes were taking over most of the car-space.

Detroit Erotic Art Collaborative Ball is tonight. Tracy and I never bought tickets but plan on going anyways - should be a good party.... Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Syracuse in the next week. Roadtrip is just about over.... I should feel nostalgic but I am actually quite looking forward to it....

Photos Credit: M Martinez and S Melvin


PD said...

Wrong, just wrong! What was she thinking? I would have lost my lunch. That is some self control.

Now that its winding up,(Hesitant to ask): Is there one good moment from this trip that stands out above all others? I think I know what the bad moment is (What's Past is Past). It's gotta feel good to have finished what you started.

You two enjoy the weekend. Congratulations, & even though you will not be there for a couple of days, let me be the first- Welcome Home.

forestviking said...

Feel sorry for You,
sounded so wonderful to start with and then such a ruining utcome.
There is something very nice about clean, not smelly hands!

Laundry- yes clean and smelling fresh, very good,
some things left undone for too long develop a rather negative aura round them, can feel the difference in Your car!

Roadtrip over?
London trying to feel nostalgic?

C'm' on,

one chapter finishes, only to give way to a new one!
Maybe You know what's next?

London Andrews said...

Really good moments on the trip, I have to go look at a map:

FL: Everglades, Meth Hotel, random boy at Paneras, dinner on the river, movie till midnight - two people who like to travel and that is that.

FL: Biking with the Outlaws in Jacksonville, hanging out for superbowl at their clubhouse...

AK: Lost on way to Hot Springs, landed myself at a horse track, in the stables and all the cute little jockies...

Austin: Colin Meloy small venue concert.... oh that was the best night ever - next day I hung out with Dave and Mel! : )

Runner's up: Lenny's Hollywood Castle, Fedora in Seattle, Alaska, Orcas Island, Banff, movie on the roof in Minneapolis, Savannah GA....

Oh and there are many chapters to come... haha.... believe me. : )

Dave said...

London - our shoot in Austin will always be tops in my mind. I didn't know a model could be so kick ass cool, down to earth and amazing all at the same time.

Another highlight in my adventures is you hooking me up with that amazing girl you are traveling with! It's so easy to understand why you two do so well together!

Thank you so much!

8 More Days!!!!