Sunday, July 22, 2007

Utah is Burning....

Spent most of the day driving from Grand Junction to a small city in Utah - this consisted of driving over a bunch of mountains, around a bunch of rivers, through many square radius of open desert and getting caught in FishLake Park with the top down in a complete torrential rainstorm. Somewhere between here and there - we stopped in Arches National Park..... hours later, we arrived in Utah to see the sky a-blaze (which made for a mind blowing sunset) and ash just drifting down from the heavens...... "Black snow in the desert"

We're staying at a Mom and Pop motel.... our room has real hangers and there is even a fridge (oh, the life of luxury, eh?.... we get so excited for the small things).

Tomorrow is Salt Lake and Mormon half brothers - it's going to be a good time. Stay tuned. I wouldn't want to miss a story about Mormons, that's for sure.

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