Friday, July 13, 2007

Blinded By the Light.... Socorro

Wanted to go check out the Harry Potter movie today... Mostly because.... Socorro, the city that Matt and I are staying in, doesn't have much to look at. We googled the local movie theater here in town - it's a single screen movie theater with only two showings a day. Haha... how cute is that? I guess it's Transformers for the next month or so - so we're are out of luck. Perhaps we'll find some free time in the next week to visit Hogwarts, although it's doubtful - the schedule is picking back up again for the rest of NM.

Woke up at 5am this morning to drive out to White Sands National Park (about 2 hours North of El Paso).... we got there as the park opened, to be told that the Military was practicing missle launching all morning..... "The park will re-open at 10am." Ugh. So I bought a bunch of cheap postcards and I wrote everyone, telling them about the Sand Dune Nazis and how Matt and I sat through a 20 minute tutorial which informed us that, "Sand Dunes are made out of sand. You can find Sand at most beaches and in most Sand Dunes." Hehe, people thought we were crazy... Matt and I were laughing so hard.... half of it was the fact that they mentioned that sand could be found on beaches, I think the other half was just lack of sleep....

When the park did open, we didn't see many missles but we did see lots of sand (which, fyi, can be found on most beaches). I read a book on the Playa and ate a bunch of really yummy cherries - while Matt ran wild across the sands, "This is heaven!!! Heaven!!!" Eventually, he ran so far... and it was SO bright out.... he couldn't figure out where I had parked my car. He had to have been gone for over two hours, he freaked out. I am happy to say, that he did remember to retrace his steps, though.... so he'll be continuing the roadtrip.

We're staying at this really lovely hotel in Socorro - Yay for Econo Lodge!! It was a whopping $40 for the night. Equipt with a wooden sauna, a hot tub (I'll skip the fact that it smells like armpits, but still... it has a hot tub, and motel 6 doesn't offer that?), a leather recliner, a work out center, and a full out- waffle breakfast..... now that is a set up.


randy moore said...

Hey you two, Transformers is a great flick if you have not seen it.

Randy Moore
Dallas, Texas

P.S. Mr. Kitty says, "Hello."

London Andrews said...

Hey Randy!! I heard it's a great movie... haha, I just can't get Matt to commit to robots. : ) I miss your cat, you have a cat that is nearly equal to my own cat - and that says a lot. : ) Miss you. x0-Lo

Anonymous said...

Hi London -

Sorry to have missed you here in Socorro - sometimes my work schedule really, really sucks... :-(

Guess I'll see you in Albuq. - you should be able to catch any flick you want there!


knifepainter said...

Hello, loved the blog. Great tone.

Want to do a mutual blogroll thing ?


Nathaniel said...

Are you staying in Socorro another night? Pay attention to the street lights. :)

They're all sodium lights which explains the butterscotch color. It just weirds me out a little bit. However, it's a very good thing for the people using the big telescopes up at Sunspot. For that matter, you should drive up to Sunspot, it's much cooler up there and you can take a look at the National Solar Observatory and Apache Point Observatory (they have a 3.5 meter telescope up there). The Sloan Digital Sky survey telescope is at APO too. All sorts of cutting-edge science being done in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico.

randy moore said...

Great image of Matt. Invoke your friendship to see Transformers, the best movie of the summer (and yes I have seen Harry Potter).

Randy Moore
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

update your blog or i'll say mean things to little kitty.

-your brother