Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dallas/Ft Worth

The ride from Austin to Dallas was a good one - longgggg but good. I spent the earlier part of the morning shooting. Managed to shoot my first "cast fetish" shoot.... where the photographer actually used real medical supplies and put both of my legs into knee high casts. We did some content for his site, where I sat around in bed unwrapping bandages and he took photos. Guess some guys get turned on by things like that. Full of stories, he was telling me about how one of his members actually attacked a checkout woman behind the grocery counter.... because she was wearing a cast - he wanted to touch it. He got tossed in jail, got out, and attacked a woman in a parking lot, covering her in cast material......

The world can be quite strange, huh?
Just go with it.... it's all cool. : )

The second shoot was a guy who was torn between launching his new dark chocolate mushroom vitamin drink in stores or starting up a glamour-website...... we got a few samples of each, shot for awhile, and were on our way.....

The ride from Austin to Dallas was beautiful. I remember the first time I came to TX - which was just over a year ago (one of the photos I took) - and all the photos in my camera were photos of the sky - seriously, you have not seen a sunset until you've sat down and watched a TX sunset.....sunsets look even better if the top is down on the convertible. : ) So we did that, and eventually it started raining, we broke out some hoodies and kept driving in the rain.... it was lovely.....

I think we were about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, when traffic just stopped. I mean, stopped. People were walking around their cars, swearing, sulking with their cell phones pressed to their ears....... completely stuck on an interstate, parked on an overpass bridge, unable to turn around - 300 or so cars. Matt and I cranked some Gwen Stafani and used all our happy dark chocolate mushroom vitamin happiness to enjoy the night....... eventually some police officers started to evacuate the bridge, backwards... as the intersate was closed, we were evacuated without an idea of where to go. We got to see the ghetto and all the homeless dogs of Dallas - it was quite the experiance at 11pm at night.

My sense of direction though - is like a compass... I am like a machiene.
Ha, or not. All depends on who you ask - Matt will tell you that I got lost and wasted about 3 hours yesterday
As if he has any other place he needs to be.... : ) Bah!

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