Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Salt Lake...

Yesterday I got to shoot in an Aspen National Park-thingy with all these tall, boney white trees and soft little ferns..... It was totally mind-shockingly-beautiful. Matthew and I agree, sometimes we just can't help but feel like we're part of the Truman show.... the backdrops look painted and the people are all so out of place. We have a lot of inside jokes about how our show hires half-assed extras.... sometimes they can't afford extras and the use cut-outs.

Oooh, like last night. We figured that since we're only in Salt Lake for a day or two, seeing the actual Great Salt Lake was one of those very "important" must-do things. So we did that....(fyi, the Great Salt Lake actually consists of miles and miles of Salt Flats and very little Lake. Also, it's reallly reallly smelly).

From the flats, we drove through Salt Lake, the actual city - Basically they city was laid out like this - casino, bank, park, casino, bank, park, and then this street full of hundreds of people camping in the road? Matt and I were confused.... tents in the road? So we pulled over and asked a bunch of people sitting on sleeping bags "what's going on?" "What!? Pioneer Days Parade!? Don't you know!! One of the top ten parades in the nation!!!! You have to camp out to get a good spot." Hmmm.... everyone looked like they were having such fun! Grilling outdoors! Campfires on the sidewalk (don't ask how that was legal, who knows)! Drove to WalMart and bought some $4 pillows and $8 sleeping bags - parked the mustang - slept in the park with all the rest of the Utah Parade Lovers.

Ha, now as for the parade... it mostly consisted of floats with mermaids and cops on scooters doing figure 8's. It was really kind of creepy. Also, clowns. In Utah, they still use clowns in their parade - clowns on unicycles.

Half dead from lack of sleep -
and half delirious from watching policemen on scooters
Matt and I packed up and left early.....

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Brooks said...

I wish I were young again. This trip sounds like so much fun... aside from the being tired part. :-)