Monday, July 9, 2007

"Turkeys in Afganistan"

... orrrr, "Ooooh, the trees are turning into sand."
Driving in my car with the top down, doing 80,
can make it quite hard to hear.

The last night in Dallas,
Matt and I hit up
a rodeo in Ft Worth.
It was just like
watching a movie,
except we were
sitting right
there in the stands.

They called all the
kids under 7
into the ring
and lets them chase
a duo of sheep
around in circles.

Now I am not sure if you've ever seen this? Little kids playing soccer? Yes no? Where they all want to kick the ball, so they just surround it, a big group of them... and the ball never gets anywhere? Yeaaaa..... it was just like that, but there wasn't a soccer ball...just sheep. A bunch of kids kicking a sheep... it was horrifying.

What else has been going on? Ummm..... drove to Pecos, Motel-sixed it, drove to Carlsbad Caverns... watched Matt freak out over rock formations... "Ohhh, that's awesome! Look at that rock! Rock rock!" I think he took over a hundred photos of rock. But seriously, Carlsbad is badass... that place is just magical... if you take the natural entrance, you get to wind down into a cave of bats and beautiful cave walls... They let you explore 3 miles out of 100 miles of the cave. I am happy that place exists.

Matt and I drove from Carlsbad to El Paso.... and because our cameras can't capture this trip the way we see it, we've started to use the videocamera.... : ) That means that there will be a final video someday... and I will post it on Youtube for people to make fun of us. It's funny.... Matt and I on a mountian listening to cheesey Lion King music.... "It's the circleeeeee of lifeeeeee...."

We're now in El Paso - staying with a friend from our Highschool Art class. Her name is Lesley.... she is in the military and married to a sexy military man, they have a baby. I'm not used to staying with people that I know... Not sure if there are more or less expectations. All I know, is that Matt is happier here than any other place we've been.... .... so I guess that's a good thing.


Tony said...

I recall reading somewhere that the population of the whole world could fit inside Carlsbad Caverns (if people could be stacked like cordwood). Been there once, keep thinking need to go back.

London Andrews said...

I'd believe it... the place is so giant, there is no way to even imagine it...... it was funny seeing people walk around with disposable cameras. Because you know that they aren't going to get anything back worth looking at.