Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ojo Caliente'....

What's good about Santa Fe? I have no idea. Matt and I didn't spend any time there..... we left Benny's, headed North towards the mountains (8,000 feet about sea level) and stayed with this Hot Cowboy Couch-Surfing Man who was just getting back from Kayaking in the mountains. Rawr, right??!!!!

But other than Kayaking-man's place, Matt and I didn't spend too much time in Santa Fe. We headed to Bandalier National Park - to climb amongst the swiss cheese rocks - without any water - half delirious - on a 100 degree day. Yea, that was quite the hike. We almost knocked down a little eight year old girl skipping around yelling, "Oooh it's so hot, I love water, I love water, water water." pouring her water all over the desert sands. We somehow, someway restrained ourselves.... made it back to the car.... and drove off to Ojo Caliente - a spa in the desert.

Talk about an amazing place. All these hot springs in the desert.... full of healing minerals from underground volcanic flows. Matt and I spend the whole night, hopping from spring to spring. When they closed at 10pm, we found a lone fire lit on the grounds - and sat down to dry off. A bunch of incredibly interesting travelers sat down and kept us company. Sisters reuniting on a cross country trip, professors taking time off from work, a woman from NYC who tastes wine for a living..... we all talked until Midnight, and Matt and I took the drive back to Santa Fe to crash.....

Next morning was Taos.... it was not all I wanted it to be. The Rio Grande area was beautiful and the town was really quaint..... but during a construction route, someone kicked up some rocks at the mustang.... and my windshield cracked. It's about growing by the day - about 15 inches now, Matt wears his glasses all the time, because we're sure it's going to implode on him. We're going to see if we can get it fixed tomorrow.... who knows.

We ate tacos in the mountians..... now we're in Denver.
Hanging out with Kenneth, the photographer, who shot
me in the pin forest in Abq...... he's out here on work or something.
And his hotel is sooooooooooooo beautiful.
There is a hot tub on the roof, overlooking the city.....
That's where we're headed right after this entry
Speaking of..... haha... see you later.

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