Monday, April 28, 2008

Coachella!!! HELL YES!

So Isobel Wren is officially on the trip for awhile. Many models travel together to break up the travel expenses, for a sense of security, just for entertainment..... Personally, I have never traveled with another model... for so many reasons... What if the model was catty? What if they took work away from you - one photographer, one paycheck, one model for the month? What if they whined and complained? What if they stole your money? What if... ?

Well Isobel has proved all that wrong - she is friggin awesome. We have been having a great time..... Together we carpooled down to Coachella together - 5 hours of driving. Stopped in a Ghost Town called Calico... where they had these creepy plastic people behind bars throughout the town - missing eyeballs, carrying axes, smashing rocks.... It was like something from a Rob Zombie movie. Two female nude models, traveling to a hippie festival in the desert - veer off to check out the Ghost Town - ooooh. Only to be killed by the plastic people behind the bars.... buried alive in the mines.... Between the two of us, we have very over active imaginations... it was a lot of fun.

COACHELLA WAS AMAZING! Minus the heat... the festival was just mind-blowing. I got to see everyone that I wanted to see. The Breeders, Vampire Weekend, Goldfrapp, Aphex Twin, The Verve, Jack Johnson from our tent. VHS or Beta, Minus the Bear, 120 Days, Bonde Do Role, Kate Nash, Hot Chip, Junkie XL, Animal Collective, MIA, Mark Ronson, Flogging Molly, and I watched the first part of Prince but three songs in, I just wanted out. I Am From Barcelona, Shout Out Louds, Stars, Gogol Bordello.... Met a ton of people. Spent my mornings drinking bloody mary's, eating apples, reading my book.... spent the afternoon dancing like a moron, bouncing from tent to tent, ping ponging around the stages.... spent the nights in the Beer Garden meeting people from all over the world.... it was amazing.


Elliot James said...

I see Goldfrapp's name a lot lately. I need to find the time to check them out.

hammer said...

Coachella is always a kick ass lineup
glad you had fun

rock on as always

Annette said...

Are those all, like, bands?

Damn...I didn't recognize a single name.

Except Prince.