Monday, April 28, 2008

One Year On The Road...

My one year anniversary of being on the road full-time took place last week. April 21st, 2007.... I remember leaving NY very clearly - Mom was in Vegas getting married - I had packed my car, printed out the maps, kissed my Little Kitty goodbye, turned the key in the ignition - and the car battery was flat-out-dead.... ha.

I guess I will just list a bunch of things here:

The United States is roughly 3,400 miles across at it's widest point.....Since last year I have put 37,000 miles on my car - putting the mileage at a grand total of: 136,782. Useless information - One flat tire, one Ball Joint replaced, one small clip away from a giant transmission problem, one hole in my oil tank (which is still an issue), one rear differential leak, one complete replacement on the brakes, one new windshield, three sets of windshield wipers. Trunk is still broken, the wheels need an alignment, and the car is currently squeaky...

I managed to make it to the following National Parks: Arches, Badlands, Bandalier, Big Cypress, Biscayne, Booker T Washington, Bryce Canyon, Canaveral Seashore (where I watched a NASA spaceshuttle take off with a bunch of bikers during bike week), Canyonlands, Carlsbad Caverns, Everglades, Fire Island , Golden Gate, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Great Basin, Great Smokey Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains, Hope Springs, Joshua Tree, Lake Mead, Mesa Verde, Mojave, Mount Rushmore, Redwood, Rocky Mountains, Saguaro, White Sands, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion.

This month I am hoping to make it to Anza-Borrego State Park, Alcatrez Island, Death Valley, Kings Canyon, Mazanar (because I remember reading the writings of a refugee there), Redwoods (again but this time, I am camping), Sequoia, Santa Monica Mountains, and WhiskeyTown near Redding, CA. - so it is a very busy month for parks.... but I am really excited about it. California is the best place for seeing beautiful things....

I also made it to Burning Man 2007, Bonnaroo 2007, Coachella 2008, a Mormon Parade, and several shootouts.... this year I am doing the Joshua Tree Festival, Lightning in a Bottle Fest in Santa Barbara (which is going to be incredibly beautiful and I have friends going!) , the Running of the Bulls in Calgary Canada, Burning Man 2008, and whatever pops up while I am traveling

I realized that I do not like hotels
- that I would rather stay with people.
I realized that putting gas on your credit card
- is a horrible idea on a roadtrip.
I realized that the best thing about traveling
- are the people that you meet
- and the places that you go
- and the stories that come out of them
I realized that the people that I love in my life
- are the only reason this is possible


Elliot James said...

At the rate you're traveling, you may become the first model on the moon. You've got to save this blog in some other format as the foundation of a book one day.

London Andrews said...

I will put the moon on my checklist of "things to do"... : )

If I was not always so incredibly busy, I would probably take the time to put this blog into another format - unfortunately - with the way that my life works out right now, I do not have much free time for anything... and if I do find a space of time to fill, I usually go exploring the cities that I happen to be in....

Oh Someday I feel this would make a great little novel.... I am unsure if there has ever been a well published book from the perspective of a nude internet model - I wonder if it could even be marketed.... who knows. : )

Anonymous said...

You can at least count on four copies sold. My friends and I are huge fans of yours. You gotta admit, from a modeling perspective, what you're doing is pretty unique and something most people only dream about. Anyone else who follows your example is just a cheap imitation. Oh and Goldfrapp rocks! ;)