Monday, April 28, 2008

The Plaza - Fremont Street

Last time I was in Vegas - Matthew and I holed up in the El Cortez (one of the oldest hotels on the downtown strip), mostly because I was really broke and I could not really afford much more than $15 a night down on Fremont Street.... Built in 1941, the place now hosts several pimps, hoes, and far too many track marks in the room..... "Don't lie down on that comforter! Get up! You're going to get pregnant...!!" Matt was always watching out for me... you know?

This time was the Plaza - rooms were $30 a night. I had a balcony, two cleans beds, and a pool on the roof! It was quite fancy. I shot with a lawyer out in this old mining town called Nelson.... My photographer tipped off the people who own it and they left us to ourselves... 3000 miles to Graceland was filmed there and so was Beyonce's new music video. Also shot at the Valley of Fire - with a photographer who is taking a trip to the Northern side of the Grand Canyon for a full month. Hung out with Ransom (and wanted to totally rape him.... I swear, he is the sexist photographer ever... I totally love that guy) and also got to shoot with Redeze and his wife, who is incredibly talented as an MUA. Overall - my shoots for Vegas, surprisingly, were some of the best that I have had in a long time. They satisfied for entertainment, talent, and experience....

Isobel Wren, the model that I am traveling with right now, got into Vegas around midnight - we wandered around town, and found a diner that served food till 4am. It was great she made it to Vegas, it was sad she didn't get to see more of the city - the next morning we had to be up and out by 7:30am for a pin-up shoot..... and that was that for Vegas

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