Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trip to Los Angeles

Even though it was cloudy - the moment I got my hands the rental car, I texted Fedora to see if she wanted to go to Santa Monica Pier for the evening. I figured dinner, a few drinks... a pretty sunset with a pretty girl. Turns out Samantha was free as well. Drove by the Vibe (remember the neat little hostel that I raved about last year).... picked the girls up... headed west down the Blvd, oceanside in view. Wow. Was it worth it. Fedora, Sam and I were all dancing around in the water, talking about modeling and life and boys, experiencing this beautiful mind-blowing sunset - Out in the distance, through the colorful ripples of the sea, a school of dolphins swam by (followed by rainbows and fuzzy pinks slippers, right?...) - It was like watching the end of Free Willy, but with lots of little mammals instead of just a single one.

Life is really busy out here. It is a good kind of busy..... lots of people, faces... things to do. It is exhausting to shoot four times in a day... moving from one studio to the next studio... re-introducing yourself to each new person, catching up with friends, trying to find a creative hub - And while it is exhausting - At the very same time, it is extremely gratifying to survive four shoots in a 24 hour period.... I feel high. I feel like I have been spinning in circles all day. I feel like I have been living off six hours of sleep for the past three days....

While I am in LA, I am staying with my friend Lenny, the documentary man that I met last year. I love his house (stress the word love)... I love Lenny's house. It is a giant stone castle-like home.... with Spanish windows that reach the ceiling. When opened, these windows allow the smells of the most amazingly exotic dreamy plants into the house, especially after it rains. Even on the cloudy mornings, the sunshine manages to drape itself all over the house... it cascades over the copper colored tiles - it lights up all the rooms.... I love waking up in Lenny's house.

Lenny is not too shabby himself.... he looks like a pornstar. Women.... especially married women, are always looking over their shoulder at him.... Both Lenny and I have admitted that we are not sexually attracted to eachother and you cannot understand how much more comfortable that makes me when I am staying with someone....

Friday. What did I do Friday? Oh Friday! Worked with a photographer who shoots medium format film. He has a backyard full of hummingbirds, all different kinds of species - and they war with eachother over the feeders. His assistant, a really nice man who has upgraded to a digital camera, turned out to be a Burner! He has been attending Burning Man for the past seven years... part of the YearBook camp! Nothing like shooting really early in the morning... and actually enjoying yourself.... it was great....

Then worked a job where Samantha and I had to strangle and kill eachother for a few hours on video - lots of neck breaking and smothering - total fetish shoot. Creepy content, the guy was really nice, though. Went back to the Vibe with Sam, hung out with Carlotta, Malloy, Isobel, and Fedora for a few hours - mostly boy talk and trying to figure out what 'asscleets' could possibly stand for. Caught the tow truck guy, just as he was pulling away with my rental (never park in a parking zone without reading the entire sign.... ) - While there is a great law in California that requires a tow truck to unhook your car if you catch them, I still had to pay $208 in fees to have it released.

Saturday shot with the sexiest skater photographer .... ever! Yeaaaa. If I did not have such an amazing boyfriend - I would have eaten this kid alive. Adorable with all his long hair in his face... his MGMT on his radio.... his little Where the Wild Things Are action figures. He shot me in the shower, we both got wet, there were lots of bubbles, I jumped around on his bed with my pink wig on.... at least half his shots are me nearly dying of laughter - I think Fedora got to kiss him at the airport this morning.... oh so jealous.

Above photos: Steven Anderson's new Penthouse home in downtown LA - hanging out with Steve and his wife, Betsy, Saturday night after our shoot.... The two of them think that I should start a Taschen book from my roadtrip, full of stories and images.... he is even sending me the high-rez photos, hoping I will pursue it.. ha


Daniel said...

London, you are way too kind. You're one of my favorite people. love love love.

PD said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. That's good to hear. Once again, jealous. Jealous that you got to go to a warm beach , with friends, with the sun out. Soak it all up. Sounds busy too. Dont work to hard. Everyday is an adventure. But, if you are enjoying yourself while doing it, that makes it that much better. Enjoy all of it!

Jim in Huntsville said...

I look forward to seeing your shots in a black formal. Seeing some that are blurred would be even better! :op

Jim in Huntsville

Kita St. Cyr said...

Lenny's house sounds amazing!

and YES do a taschen book! That's on my list of things to do before I die, but I may just live vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim in Huntsville said...

Grumpy had trouble reaching the keyboard. The post should have read,

I look forward to seeing your shots in a black formal. Seeing some that are not blurred would be even better! :op

Jim in Huntsville

London Andrews said...

Love love back sexy skater boy.... hope to see you before I leave town on the 4th!

Well, the weather out here is not exactly 'warm' per sae.... but it is warmer than Ohio or upstate NY... : ) I just woke up and I can see my breath in this cold little room I am in.... suns is out though, and that is really all I need...

Jim! Going to put up a post for you, right after this blog entry.... ha

Lenny's house is like Zen. The fountains and the garden in the backyard are just so nice to wake up to in the morning.... AND there is a Jamba Juice around the corner... so I get to start every morning off with a Power Boost before work. Makes me sad he is selling the place this year, can't keep up with the economy and the bills..... : (

Might go stay at Josh's place for a few days - he is Isobel's old roomate, over in West Hollywood... since most of the girls left town, Isobel moved back over to his place and wants me to come over and have a sleepover... she is here till the 30th, so I just might do that. Plus, I miss Josh - he is really good people.

Whoooooooooooo I am alive when I have things to do!!!!!!!!! Whoooo!!!!!!!!!!

Also! News! Tracy might being coming to Ohio, bitches! Whoot!

vikingman said...

Nothing more to add,

good, You express Yourself that You are back to life again,

that is what stands between the lines in bright flashing letters, everybody can see it.

So happy for You,

some charging effect of this even reaching through to this end.THX

minus 25 degrees centigrade today, but sun and lots of snow.
almost same latitude as Alaska, remember??


Jim in Huntsville said...

>Jim! Going to put up a post for you, right after this blog entry.... ha

Much better! Grumpy likes them too!

Jim in Alabamastan

Fedora said...

you cant have him! hahaha. It was a super sexy kiss. I miss you already, but it was stellar to see you again.