Monday, January 19, 2009

Anastasia Summers.

I understand that my blogs have been pretty lame lately - They continue to get more and more depressing with each passing day. Guess I can only blame it on my leaking snow boots for so long, huh?.... Lost 380 readers in the past three weeks.... not sure if it is my lack of blogging, my content choice, or if it because I moved to Cleveland and the world is prejudice against my state... either way, it makes me sad.

Guess I will stick to the trend of depressing news for now. Anastasia Summers passed away last night. You might remember her... I blogged about her once - She was a very talented makeup artist/hairstylist out of Rockville MD. Over the past year or so, she has battling brain-cancer - undergoing extensive Chemotherapy sessions and surgeries. Saw her back in Oct/Sept, when I was shooting for JD Boswell's 2010 pin-up calender - I wanted to blog about the last day we worked together, but when I got back home after that shoot, there was nothing I could say that would make things better - it was one of those bittersweet-type moments. Anastasia was a beautiful girl..... She modeled. She was acted. She could do hair right out of the 20's.... More than that..... she was one of those 'happy upbeat types' that rubbed off on you... I wish there was more people like that out there. The last shoot we did together... I was really honored that she came to the studio to help out - even after the steroids and the pain killers and all the crap in her life.... that girl was still at it....

She is going to be very greatly missed. The good people always are.


PD said...

Nice of you to speak of colleague like that. Sounds like a person people would want to know about. You are right, it is always the good ones you miss the most.

Don't let it get you. January is just a hard month to get through anyway. Look around, everyone has a case of the grumps. Nothing to look forward to like December(Xmas),friggin cold,& its kinda hard to talk about something when there not much to talk about. Its Cali by the end of the week. If they cant put a smile on your face, then that state isn't what everyone says its cracked up to be. Go enjoy the sun & the coast.

gibsonvt said...

Never worry about your blogs’ content. The blog is a representation of life, so it is only natural for things to be up, down, or sideways. That is the beauty of your blog it lives. I enjoy reading the ups as well as the downs. Sorry I have been to busy to stay in touch lately. I also want to give my condolences, it is sad to hear of Anastasia’s passing. I recall the conversation we had in September about her and the calendar shoot. Sara sends her love and has a bottle of wine with you name, she also said to come on down this way she needs some girlfriend time. Have fun in L.A. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

One thing neither you nor this blog are NOT is lame. I agree with PD in that this month has been pretty harsh weather-wise (I have had it up to here with ice and snow and sub-zero temps)and it can be tough on people when it comes to rasslin' up some energy. I guess everyone is feeling the winter blues and are a bit unmotivated, hopefully Spring will begin to change all that. Yours is the only blog I read and comment on. I'm sorry about the loss of your colleague; I'm sure she's in a better place and not suffering in any way anymore.

Don't be depressed, it's a new year and we have a new President so I see brighter skies and better things coming very soon. You said you were going out to LA on the 22nd--shake off those January doldrums with Fedora and the rest of the guys. Trust me--a lot more people read your blog than you think; most just prefer to be more passive and don't post. You're such a colorful and interesting person who I am glad is not afraid to share all your many sides with us. You're young and beautiful with a great head on your shoulders and your entire life before you, now get on out there and have fun with absolutely no regrets. Tell January to blow it out its wazoo! Peace.

Tim said...

Wish I knew Anastasia, she sounds wonderful.

I enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading them. Its good to read about your day to day life. I wish I had the excitement in my life that you have in yours. We all have slow times. I enjoy reading that you are human, too!

Anonymous said...

I knew Anastasia too (that's actually how I found this blog) - I worked with her and JD on his first pinup calendar. Your entry was a very fitting tribute to her, I think.

glenn usdin said...

Thank you for writing the nice things about Anastasia. I had no clue she was even ill. She was such a nice person. Some of her commercial shots were done at my house, JT shot the pic of her with the horse here. So sad....

About your blog, keep doing what you do. You are a rare bird around the modeling biz. very few models can express themselves as well as you, and do it consistently.

London Andrews said...

I should be better than the Grumps, PD... : ) I should be the sunshine through the snowstorm, the warmth in the ice, the fireplace in the fridge - or something like that.... Giving in to the winter blues, seems like I am giving up to easily....

Victor! I've missed you - you haven't been on the blog in ages... happy to hear you are out there. I get emails from your buddies every now and then on myspace, it is really cute... ha

Obama's inauguration yesterday was so beautiful - I love that man so much and have so much hope with him in office. He reminds me so much of my younger brother - I know he is going to do great - he was the change we needed for america.

Anastasia.... god, it is so hard to think she is no longer around. Only a handful of people stick with me in my travels... I can meet 15 people in a state and out of those 15, only 1 of them will stick with me, someone I will remember, and think back to - she was one of them. Sad stuff when people pass, even worse when they are young and talented and they had so much more to give to the world.... Brain Cancer, any kind of cancer for that matter = brutal. Lost my grandmother that way - She dressed up as Uncle Fester for Halloween - loved that woman so much..... sad stuff, you guys. Sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

hi hun,
we will miss anastacia very much,
i had contact thru myspace with her and am very sad.
thx for your blog!
love savvy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words to Anastasia. She will be deeply missed. I am the photographer who shot her AsMarilyn photos and have worked closely with Anastasia. She has always shown herself to be strong and bright spirited.

C. R. "Ni Ki" Cruz

Christopher said...

Hello All,

I wanted to say something about Anastasia here today...she and I spent some wonderful days together back in 2007 at Fort Indiantown Gap in PA. We were very fond of each other and shared as much time as we had with each other walking in the snow, holding hands and talking about our love of history and many things vintage. The hugs and many kisses I shared with her over those days I will always cherish. It is most fitting to say that Anastasia was one of the "good ones", she will be very missed. Sending my love to you as always Anastasia, thanks for the sweet memories.

Yours Always,

Christopher Lindsey Sharp

Kirkland, WA