Monday, January 5, 2009

Hell is NOT a firey....

....furnace of heat! NO!.....
It is having to drive the mustang, though a snowstorm,
over and over and over and over and over again... for
of eternity.... while the car slides.... and the roads
suck... and the speed limit goes no higher than 30 miles an
hour, for single lane traffic..... inches an hour....
.....getting nowhere.... first time in a long time, where
I actually miss having my gas guzzlin SUV....

At least there is a warm boy waiting for me
in Cleveland - yup - at least there is that.

Matt and I almost died last night. Went to pick him up from work around 1am, right after closing - Since it was not snowing or hailing or sleeting (a rare happening here in NY for January) - Was driving as I always do on the highway, which is faster than I should. One second.... we are slowing down for the on-ramp - Next thing I know, the car is out of control, skidding on black ice, gaining speed, heading directly towards a very large metal pole - not just any very large metal pole, this pole meant business. It was threatening to: Total my car, flip us over, or perhaps a bit of both. Matt and I braced ourselves for impact while I pumped the breaks, white knuckled, cranking the wheel as far as it would go - Did not matter, nothing mattered. We were gaining speed.... skidding..... Totally helpless.... headed straight towards this giant looming pole...

And then - somehow, someway - we shimmied off the road, into a puff of white powdery snow, missing that deadly death pipe by approximately three inches. After the cops showed up - I took out my video camera and filmed those three inches for a good 10 minutes..... Triple A saved Matt and I, yet again. The car seems to be running fine and although shook up, Matt and I are in good working order as well.

So there is the 'action' for this blog..... Now s’pose you allow me to be boring, generic for a moment?….Christmas went well. Santa visited the cabin. Seems, he too, shops at for the holidays! Got all kinds of fun dickery-doos! Including a point-and-shoot-digital camera! Santa also picked up a few dozen new Oprah books and a bunch of tea related things. Also want to mention here, that I received a bunch of things from you guys! PD bought me all the Sookie Stackhouse novels, which I have become hopelessly addicted to…. I seriously shut my life down for a full five days, reading till 5am, totally junked out on vampire sex and Trueblood. There is nothing that I appreciate more than a novel that can create a world, full of magic, that runs parallel to my own – allowing me to get lost for awhile. Harry Potter was that way, Lord of the Rings was that way, Golden Compass was that way. Mattias sent me this really beautiful CD in Norwegian that I have been listening to all week (thank you, M!)

Never had the chance to wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! This was the first year, in my waking memory, in which I did not celebrate. I did not even watch the ball drop .... I just sat on my deck and watched the snow fall silently in the front yard. There is something about being quiet, while the rest of the world was so loud - It has been a long time since I have felt that peaceful.

Photos top to bottom: Fire-y Furnace, Matt and I at Song Mountain ski-lodge stoking the fire after Christmas, my friend AJ came to visit, Little Kitty is so cute, Matt again having deep thoughts over a fireplace.


deeredoctor said...

Wow! Glad you both are safe and sound. Sounds like my prayers for you all were called for a few days ago. I didn't know why I had those feelings, maybe this was part of it?

I too have had a car incident similar to yours, only in a service van on a rainy day. It truly is a bad feeling when you step on the brakes and the vehicle speeds up and doesn’t respond to turning inputs..

Everyone needs some good down time. I have been needing some myself, totally burned out on my job and LIFE. The cabin sounds like a pretty good deal for some much needed R&R for you. Being from the south and living in IL for awhile when I was in the military, I sure have some fond memories of large snow flakes falling quietly in the night and the really crisp air.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

And a Happy New Year to you J. I must say we will all live a handful of moments in our lives where an inch or two here or perhaps a second or two later may have meant life or death for us or someone we love; such is the potentially cruel finger of fate. We take that chance every time we exit the safety of our warm coccoons that are our homes. The message to you is crystal clear: It's not your time yet; you have bigger and better things awaiting you and you should go out and do the things you were meant to do in this life without further delay; it can all be taken away so quickly. With that said, I agree that New Year's spent reading a good book or watching a marathon of your favorite TV show is the way to go; there is so much hyperactivity and noise in this world that real peace and quiet is harder to come by than you think and should always be seized and held for as long as possible like a soft furry teddy. Since you like Fantasy so much, have you considered reading Lloyd Alexander's classic 5 part "Chronicles of Prydain" series from the 60s? It has that old school feel to it like LOTR and such and I highly recommend it. If I find anything else, I'll let you know. Again - really glad you're ok and best of luck with the book you're planning to write. I'm working on my own and, believe me, it requires alot of discipline. Until next time, enjoy life, be safe, ignore the naysayers and make every moment count. :D

PD said...

As long as you are alright, dont worry about if you think if you are being boring. That would be too much (for lack of better words)excitement for some people to handle. LA must be looking better & better all the time. Get out of the snow for awhile.
Do you think the Elves know that Santa shops online? Thats got to be a blow to their pride. I still cant figure out how you read all those books with out burning them or the house down. Thats being in a zone. You're right, nice to get lost in the pages.
I wish I had the New Years you did. Nice, peaceful, relaxing. Instead, I spent the last 90 minutes of 2008 in the Emergency Room getting one of my fingers glued back together. Oh well, the perils of being a bartender. Damn glass. There is always next year I guess. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...


Great imagery job. Ya took us 'there', ba-bah! I was just kidding re: the book idea. Lots of people read them - just for me, it's rare. There's this one that I want to read called 'Inside the Wire' by Eric Saar - I'll let you know if I ever make it to the bookstore for the thing...

Black ice is a bitch. Freezing your ass off warming up the car for 20 minutes is a bitch. Getting gas in the pelting sideways snow is a bitch. Trying to keep the windshield clear while driving and with everything on it freezing, is a bitch.

I'm ready for summer.

There are so many ways that summer beats the shit out of winter:

(i) Dormant plant life fuels the greenhouse effect every winter, while summer plant life combats it;

(ii) We all look dead in the winter;

(iii) Lack of sunlight depresses us as well. I'm depressed. How about you? :0)

(iv) I'm dying for a swim but if I want one, I'll have to pay for an inside hotel pool. No backyard options.

(v) What would guys rather see? Women wearing full length coats, scarfs, hats, hoods, and boots or...a 2 piece bathing suit? ...

I rest my case.

Here's a toast - (I'm having a bit 'o wine this evening) To having your life flash before your eyes and living to tell about it..and you told it so well!

Take care!


vikingman said...

Outch !

can see THE Pole coming, just awaiting a disasterous BANG CRASH,....

Nothing happening,
can't believe it,
thank God !

You are so lucky, do You actually realize how lucky You are?
So d..m lucky !!
No damage to the Mustang, no damage to people, some ruined nerves, nothing else.
Well done, great job, whoever helped out in this matter!!!

Thank You for the happy new Year,
sounded so nice with quiet and snow falling ...and hot chocolate ..and deck!

Here it was cold and clear, stars and couch and a stomach, that got carefully used to normal food again, after some stomach-virus-attack.
Good to start the New Year completely rinsed....
On the couch.passing revue 2008. unusual, but nice this time.

re: book idea,
was only kidding half as much as Annette
not sure if the point became a bit too strong, if You can see Yourself through my eyes, or it had been better to keep my mouth shut ??

half kidding

so sorry to hear about Your way to say goodbye to 2008, hope You are well again and all is working as before!

Annette asks,
what guys would like to see?

Well, the idea of a woman with a full length scarf and boots is not too bad!

Alternatively, woman in full body length hat and bathing suit isn't too bad either !

Or just a full length fur-coat and hood..

Forgive me please, thought to present some positive sides of these dressing suggestions, sorry if I got a bit mixed up. Maybe it was the wine scent that got me....
Am just a man...

People here in this country have some either wood fired bath-tubs outside in the garden, that heats water in 45min, or an electrically heated whirlpool outside to sit in or if bigger swim at minus 10 degr. C and chatting and have some wine...
That's what friends are for!!
Otherwise they wouldn't either cope with the cold so long and all lakes and rivers frozen...
There were a great number of sun days lately here, I'll try to put some more lights into the blog I started before christmas, in case sunlight is requested in the future...

take care all of You!

Duff Man said...

Yup, I too am so glad those 3 inches saved you guys. It's the Guatemala man, BTW! Will give you a call on the next few days. Happy 2009!

London Andrews said...

I enjoy all kinds of novels - but when I am feeling particularly down, I like to submit to fantasy (not my Oprah books - cause those books only add to your misery) I really tried to get into LOTR - I mean, all my friends were obsessed - but as much as I tried - his writing was not silly enough for me to follow.....

I will look into Chronicles of Prydain..... is it a series? I love series books.

P, sorry to hear that you got all cut up! That sucks! It was already bad enough that you had to work on New Years.... blah. Happy to hear that you're ok though.... got to keep those fingers in good working order - cause we still have a checkers game to play when I get back home for Easter... : )

Annette, yea - I hear you on the busy housewife thing.... I think if people make time to read, they can. My aunt, is a nurse practitioner, mother of three girls, they are in a million activities, and she still sets aside a half hour to read every night - it is her downtime... she likes inspirational novels. If I ever wrote anything, it would be from an inspirational standpoint....

Guatemala man... : ) Did you ever get that package that I sent you through ebay, not this time - but the time before? That T H Taylor outfit that I shot in the garage.... I hope you did. I loved that thing... sad to think of people in the post office, taking it home with them... ha

PD said...

Thanks to modern medicine, i've got ten fingers again. So thank you, & our favorite viking for the kind words. I'll start practicing now. You bring the board.

vikingman said...

As the sun is just comming over the valley here and the snowy mountain tops in the nearest scenery are lit up orange against a dark blue sky, temperatures just above freezing point (until tomorrow), felt like writing a comment.

Woke up this morning, with the distinct voice of my heart telling me, that women are much more sensitive to other women's feelings, than men.Annette was putting her comment into perspective some days ago, where I 'd rather put some more point on mine, not realizing, that it was too much, something You never asked for in this way.

there were more important details between the lines of Your comment , asking for a plot, something You can't see , that didn't get through to me at all.
( possible mistakes in Your career, relationship ( there is shining something through the lines, sometimes)

Have a lovely weekend!!
Very bad. Not happy with myself.
Felt like deleting that comment at first, re-read it, but it wasn't as destructive as I had felt.
Still not happy with it.

How is the actual state of the dream of modelling in some money to go off to London?

Was it cancelled as modelling was put down ?

Understand in some earlier posts, that modelling was not satisfactory for Yourself the way it happened, though You liked some elements in it.
Was it the "single nomade side" of it that put You off most?

How is the momentary state jan. 2009?

They started off the movie "Twilight" in Norway yesterday, haven't seen it up here in the woods yet, a vampire plot, main character is said to have NO extended incisors, awaiting his love in 90 years! So nice!...

Would You want any more comments on "things You can't see"?

Recipe for baking a handy plot from A to B?

creating another side of Yourself, a literary characteress?

some coagulation betwen autoiographicel elements and fictitious characters?