Sunday, January 18, 2009

LivePerson and BedBugs

Just discovered this fun new site called: It is for getting life-questions answered. All types of certified folks on there - Doctors, Lawyers, Psychics, Sex Councilors, Fashion Gurus, Art Geniuses - For a price, you can even get your college work written up for you! Taking advantage of the fact that the first few minutes in every session are free, I spent the past two hours skipping around from certified person to certified person inquiring about: Past lives, new lives, life in the general sense. Wrote a psychic with the highest ranking of stars (just like ebay!) and she told me that I shall prosper this year - Then she mentioned that if I would Hire her, she could tell me more..... I did not like that approach. So I wrote a fashion-lady, told her what I look like, she told me to buy clothes that make me taller and slimmer - Then she mentioned that if I would like more information on what would make me look taller and slimmer..... I could hire her. Ugh - the Hire word again. I just want answers - Who was I two hundred years ago? What celebrity would most likely date me? What did the lady with the fake boobs have to do with my dream last night? Where did the guy on Lost go? Where did I put my second tooth brush?

Have you guys read about the dreaded Bed Bug infestation? - Was reading that this one lady in Arizona had to move out of her home and into a hotel with her three kids, because the bugs would just not die. She spent over $20,000 on bug bombs, hotel bills, house cleanings, new clothes, new mattresses, new carpet. Six months later, the place is still unlivable. Freaks me out on a few levels - One, the bedbugs are not hitting impoverished neighborhoods - they are everywhere. Two, they are nearly impossible to get rid of because they hide in every dark crevice of your home. Three, that woman that I just mentioned..... in order to spare her friends and family, moved into a hotel - ahhhh - how many hotels do I stay at in a year? Harvard University recently put out a very long list of things not to do while staying at hotels ... like: You should never leave you suitcase on the ground, always check for bloodstains under the covers before climbing in (eww), and put your shoes on the counter, not the floor, because the bed bugs can hitch a free ride to your home that way....

You can officially add Bed Bugs to things that terrify me.

Photos: Greg Daniels. Dallas, TX Dec 08


PD said...

So, "...Don't let the Bed Bugs bite" is real? I didn't know. I thought that was something parents told the kids to scare'em to make them go to sleep. Don't let the thought of them freak you out on your trip. (Hope you don't mind me asking) How far up the coast are you planning on going? Sounds like a beautiful ride. Just a hunch: Check your suitcase for that second toothbrush.

JRtist said...

I know what you mean about the hire thing. Granted, I'm an illustrator and photographer... so that words gets used a lot by me... but I don't push it on people like some people.

The way I see it, you offer something like that site is... you should show some credibility. Not generic answers to the same questions. Show you know what you're talking about. If that lady in fashion would have told you more about what to wear to make you taller and slimmer before the pay me phrase... would you have been more inclined to drop a few bucks? Perhaps.

That's kinda like... asking you to pose for a photographer and not getting anything for compensation. No money, no prints... no cd... just a thanks. WTF?!

IDK... in this day and age all we get are con artists anymore and they're getting better and better at their craft.

Good luck finding your answers tho!

Anonymous said...

Since I travel mostly by auto, I carry a ground pad and a sleeping bag for those overnight stops where I suspect all is not what it should be.