Monday, June 11, 2007

NorthPort, Long Island

So the past few days, I have just been holed up in a basement in Long Island, sprawled across a bed.... booking booking, madly booking. As of right now, I have a great line-up of photographers from Houston to Santa Fe - they will be keeping me on the run-around, two-three shoots a day....... The best news is - that I actually booked a really great guy in Albuquerque who is going to take me flying in his little four man plane, just for the fun of it. How cool is that? A free plane ride across the New Mexico desert! Whoo hoo!

Alas, amist all this postive - there must be some negative.....

Because, let me tell you, Colorado isn't booking at all. I mean, nothing. Like, at all. Therefore I will be going an entire week, maybe two without pay and that is going to make things quite difficult. I can only hope that our friends in the Mormon Country of Utah - own some camera gear or that they like to give out free buggy rides. Free buggy rides across the Utah desert! Whoo hooo! (not nearly as cool as the plane, huh).

So I haven't mentioned it yet, but my best friend, Matthew... the friend who moved to NYC to model - he's accompanying me on the rest of the trip crosscountry. He's going to be flying into Houston with me on the 24th and will be doing the entire trip back to our native land of Syracuse - Arrival date is set for Mid October but it could even be November.... we'll see. I planned out a lot of my schedule on half work/half sightseeing. We're hitting up Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Elephant Butte, Garden of the Gods, Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park, Moab Desert, Salt Lake (gotta float in the lake!), Bryce Canyon, Zion, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Grand Canyon, and like a million other things...... lots of funny tourist attractions. Like the largest ball of twine.

When I haven't been working on emails, I've been reading. In the past week, I've finished three books: Jitterbug Perfume, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and Way Off the Road.

Way Off the Road was written very poorly and full of lame seedy humor. But it had some great stories about traveling across the US..... examples:
  • There is a place in Alabama where all lost luggage goes (Lost Mail, lost suitcases, lost packages). The lost luggage is bought, opened up, and stocked on shelves! You can go shopping in this giant warehouse of stuff.
  • There is also a festival held just above Denver Colorado - that celebrates a frozen dead guy on ice. You can buy t-shirts, hats, and jump into a hole in the ice to celebrate the day!
  • In Fruita, a town West of Grand Junction - they have dedicated themselves to a headless chicken named Mike. And they hold a festival for him, with people dressed up like chickens! Some without heads!
  • In a town where only 5 percent of the people have attended college, there is a Schoolbus figure 8 racing! Good way for people who hate school, to get rid of some steam.
There are 3 more days till Bonnaroo...... they say they have free wi-fi there, but I don't believe them. Mud dust and music.....


Nathaniel said...

I used to live in Las Cruces, right near White Sands, and you should try to schedule that visit during a full moon. They leave the park open until midnight then, so you can sit on the dunes in the moonlight thinking about how odd white gypsum sand is in the middle of the desert.

London Andrews said...

I wonder if I will be around for that.... time to start google-in. : )

Anonymous said...

I am glad your friend is going on your trip with you from Houston back home. I think you will enjoy your trip much, much more with him accompanying you.


IanBond said...

Waaay cool book - "Way off the road". I know of a site in Virginia that has Stonewall Jackson's arm buried. When it got amputated during the civil war, they buried it, and the headstone still stands with - Stonewall Jackson's Arm - written.
And I grew up near the biggest ball of twine, so, I'm way cool too.