Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Moving on up

It was really hard leaving New Orleans.... not so much because of the city. But mostly because I found myself so comfortable in one place..... Normally when staying at a motel, I am dying to get on the move in the morning because the place is just so skeezey. The rooms reek of one-night stands, prostitution, affairs, drug dealers, and old people's flaky skin - or if I crash at photographer's places.... I never want to impose more than I already am. So on the road, 9am sharp....... In the condo though, it was like time stopped moving. I wanted nothing other than to sit and watch re-runs of Sex in the City on my laptop...... without having to move anywhere but the couch to the bed and back to the couch.... talk about lazy.

.... oh well, somehow I pulled myself from the void, packed myself into my car - headed towards that Lone Star State. Where the sky just seems to go on forever... it really does. I've been down this way several times in the past year and half.... and minus Houston's poor air quality..... the entire state is quite enjoyable. I like how the land sprawls from mountians to fields to lakes and then desert... it's like driving crosscountry but seeing everything corralled into one place. If you want to see the US, drive through TX for a week....

Hung out with a really nice photographer, the other night while in New Orleans
He took me out biking and showed me St. Charles rich neighborhood -
Was quite a grand time.... he took photos!!!

And we all like photos, right!?
Even if I look like I belong on the short bus....
and you're jealous of my helmet....
.......it's ok. We can't all be cool. : )

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