Thursday, June 28, 2007

Im in the sidecar

This is matthew posting for London. It has been maybe four days for me on this road trip. I wish there was a way for me to explain to you how much you can experiance - within a four day period - with this woman. Also, I wish I could figure out how to take pictures with my camera so that I could translate all this madness and beauty fit into a four day period. I will however use words, lets see what I can acomplish.......

I met am man who acts just like you and me...... but he loves seeing cakes and pies smeared all over a woman's body. His passion lies in seeing girls get covered in syrup, pudding, and marshmellow cream. He runs and he's really fun..... London and I wandered all around Houston the first night we flew in. Houston is just this huge, dead city filled with filled with crazy fountians. We spent a lot of time swimming at the condo.... doing headstands and flopping around like fish.

Next stop was a very kind man who has dedicated his life to a love of exotic plants, glass, pipes, photography, two dogs, and a crazy rooster. He wore overalls. I didn't want to interfere with the shoot, so I ended up getting lost in a bamboo forest behind his house. London got attacked by fire-ants when she was all dressed up like a cowgirl....and now she's all covered in big red welts... We both got eaten alive by mosquitos, big monsterous things. She's living on lots and lots of coverup makeup.

Then we headed to a woman's house who I feel I was meant to speak to.......London shot with a really talented painter who needed content to paint from. At this nice lady's house we met an incredibly famous oil painter from china who was teaching a class to the community that she had set up in her painters studio. Her house was gorgeous, I got so caught up in talking to her that I forgot London's wardrobe.... we had to drive back in the morning to get it.

Now we are in one of the most stunning cities I have ever laid eyes on. It is the Venice-America. Old houses and resturants lining a walk which hugs the river. Ancient trees hang over head lit by romantic lamps. This city preserves beauty. London and I are staying with the man who has a million stories and a head full of some fantastic information to listen to..... He says that San Antonio has a huge war going on that no one knows about, a war of both good and evil, with christians and devil worshippers. That part is kind of scary - but I hope you come here one day, San Antonio is beautiful.

London just made me tea I am shocked....... Its chamomile mint very exciting. The rain is pouring down and I love to feel at home when I am nowhere. London's life is her own without comprimise, without question and I am happy to be her sidekick in this journey...... perhaps she will update later, she still has another shoot tonight...... --Matthew

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