Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And you thought I wouldn't return.... : )

So Bonnaroo was a lot of fun. It was a swirl of pretty women in itty bitty clothing, many mind altering substances, temperatures that made you pass out, happy hippie people in rose colored glasses, and music music music...... loud music, pretty music, floating music, all kinds of music, all day and all night. You washed yourself in big tin sinks, your tent heated up like an oven at 8am, your snot was a funny black color, and people sold bloody mary's on the street.... it was quite the place to be.

Leaving Long Island again. Two weeks was just about what I needed.... back on the road - this time, with Matthew in tow. Yay! I have a friend on the roadtrip!

I didn't really know if he was going to make it at first. There was all this crazy drama going on, and he didn't have a cell phone.... but alas, as the plane was taking off, here I was sitting next to him, while he was looking through SkyMagazine for his daily message from the universe. "Pick a page, and then read it and interpret it.... that's what the universe is trying to tell you.' Apparently........ all this time, the universe has been wanting to tell me that I am a small iron skillit, great for outdoor cooking.

Last night Matt and I walked about 5 miles through downtown Houston.... The weather here at night is probably the closest that you can get to perfect (when it isn't all full of smog)..... things are good. I'm shooting with one of my funny character photographers this afternoon... should be fun. I'll update tomorrow afternoon with some fun photos that I got back yesterday...... whoooo. Stay clean and think peterpan type things....x0


Jeff said...

"I'm on sale for only $39.99 and you get a free cooking tool for my purchase..... "

My check is in the mail!! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back on the road again!