Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winner Writing Contest: Chris!

Thanks to everyone who sent a submission! - Over 35 to pick from! This one (while a little kiss-ass) really caught my attention.... Great job, Chris! Look for my email today!

"Dear London - I admire what you are doing for a couple reasons. Rather than yield to "The Man" and get a square job, you decided you wanted to travel and figured out a way to do it. I love people who swim upstream, who say "Fuck what I SHOULD do... I'm doing what I WANT to do!" Not only that, but you are carving out a life for yourself in an industry that generally prefers women of a shape different from yours -- that takes courage and determination. You are blazing a trail for other women to follow, and there are many of us who love curvy women that are thrilled to see more and more of you out there.

I'm inspired to improve my own photography, because I would love to take pictures of women like you. I don't want to just be the guy in front of a computer screen, I want to be behind the lens. And why shouldn't I be? If you can do what you are doing, then why can't I too do what I want? People who are brave are an inspiration to others, or a reminder to those of us who have blazed our own trails in the past that, yes, we ARE capable of bigger things. You are one of those brave people --And a damn beautiful one too. . . .

Never Surrender,

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree! Wow....