Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shooting in Mass

Crash Stevens, a photographer who sometimes submits to Easy Rider Magazine, hired me yesterday - While I did not have the chance to meet the owner of the multi-million dollar property we were shooting at (the owner was in Vegas for a 1/4th business, 3/4ths pleasure trip) - his place was gorgeous! Surrounded by 10 acres of woods, a landscaped lawn, five bedroom home, eight shiny Harley's in the garage, tons of old 'dragster' cars lined up the driveway - As if that was not enough, the Owner-guy also built a Saloon in his front yard (all wood, fully stocked bar, pool table, dart boards...) - Afterwards, Crash and I were hanging out, drinking some beer, tossing stories back and forth - When there was all this shouting.... And-oh-so-very randomly, this tall majestic horse came prancing through the trees, across the lawn, trailed by a tiny little pony, being chased this loud screaming woman shouting, "Carrots! Carrots! I got CARROTS! Ho! Ho! Ho! Horse!" - I kept sitting on my stool.... waiting for a punchline about Butt Carrots.... but... it never happened....

Crash's shoot was followed by Matthew Pearl's shoot in New Bedford - Matthew and I took a fantastic little excursion through Lincoln Park, an old abandoned amusement park which was closed in 1987.... The place still boasts one of those old rickety wooden rollercoasters, a burnt down bumper car lot, and walls and walls of graffiti

Today I worked with a guy who just kept telling me how awesome I was! Haha... And I know that I should be humbled... but I could not stop giggling.... He filled in every other ten minutes with, "Have you seen your portfolio? You are so amazing, you are so sexy, you are the best model I have ever worked with - If you come back to Boston, I am going to hire you and make everyone else hire you".... And... while it was not ponies and rollercoasters ..... *It felt like it*... I had a really good day today.

Photos: Christopher Lee Donovan... after a *very* muddy evening of shooting... ha... I feel bad he had to clean the place up afterwards


PD said...

Sounds like so far, so good for Boston. Good to hear. Did that lady ever rein in that horse, & did you get that punchline? I think you can chalk that up to something you don't see everyday. Have you ever gotten creeped out shooting in an abandoned place? I don't think I would be brave enough.
Always take a complement when you can get one. Even if it get annoying after awhile. Sometimes they are few & far between.
Hope the trip continues to be good to you.

Evan said...

Oh stop it girl! You know you ARE awesome lol. And in so many ways. Sooooo happy you've been enjoying yourself up there; you deserve it too. As much as I hate the Red Sox, I gotta admit New England is a great place to visit and the people are actually very sweet. Now get yourself a psychadelic steel unicorn and keep sprinkling your magic fairy dust everywhere you go lol. Good karma as far as the eye can see. Have a great night and an AWESOME weekend sweetie. xoxo

Mr and Mrs Muki said...

Heh! The punchline is obvious: Those horses had read your blog entry about butt carrots and weren't taking any chances!

Corey said...

When you heard the woman shouting about carrots, were you afraid for even a moment that she might be a cannibal?

vikingman said...


make my heart smile,
and me too,
every time...
and You prove:

Life is wonderful for those who dare
to look it in the eye.

once again

thank You

also for letting me sit on the lawn and see the horses !

eric paul owens said...

The Chris Donovan Pics are awesome.