Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two months on the road...

... starts now! After much deliberation from the jury, Patrick and I decided to pack two vehicles (not one)... I shall drive the DeathGypsy and Pat shall drive the Outback. My mustang is brimming full of lingerie, make-up, heels, and nice smelling girl stuff! The Outback is carrying blankets, dishes, laundry, tools, books, kitchen utensils - things we will not have to remove from the car till Texas.

I am pretty lucky, in the fact, that I own almost nothing at all.... Packing took me less than forty-minutes. When you live out of your suitcase for so long, you learn what of materialistic things you need in your life and what kind of things you do not... Unfortunately for Pat, he owns about half the stuff in this apartment - It has taken him most of the week to pack away all his belongings.

The actual trip.... is a month-long roadtrip down to San Antonio, dropping off our stuff with friends, leaving my car, repacking for Burning Man, driving to Reno for the festival. This will be my third year at the Burn - Originally I was not attending (there is just so much going on this month, ridiculous to add something as huge and expensive as the Burn) But Matthew, my best friend in all the world, gifted Patrick with a free $300 ticket this year - making it possible to attend the festival. 

Still do not have a laptop! Driving me crazy! Using my old ancient laptop that I donated to Pat a year ago - Sooo slooow.... bogged down with music and porn. Keep wanting to upload photos to the blog - but I cannot, all my personal stuff is on the crapped-out laptop! Once I settle down into an apartment in Austin, I should be able to either repair or buy a new computer.... until then.... this stone-age computer is my new traveling buddy....

Roadtrip starts today!! Incredibly excited!

I leave a day before Patrick. Out of the apartment at 11:30am today. He leaves tomorrow afternoon..... lets get this show on the road! (hehehe..... on the road... literally!)


AD said...

Yes I have named another vehicle!

I must say, your current life sounds like my old life. Minus the lingerie wearing. Weird how when you settle down you find yourself with tons of stuff you don't even know why you own ... Hmmm? Think I have a date with ebay now.

Wish the both of you the best of luck and can't wait to read about it.

Can't wait to see pictures from burning man!



deeredoctor said...

Good luck and be safe on the road. Its hot down here in Texas now..

Shad said...

Well I hope my contribution to your modeling income will help with repairing your computer.

John said...

Good luck, Jes! Be safe!

PD said...

Good Luck & Be Careful.
Can't wait to hear about this Road Trip.
: )

IowaGrad09 said...

I just moved and I found about 15 trash bags of stuff I couldn't believe I still had. It was a very odd experience to be throwing away things like cheap tupperware and old magazines wondering why I didn't get rid of these sooner. We are all packrats until we have to move.
Anyways, good luck with the trip.