Friday, August 14, 2009

Nashville - Envy and the Crew

Nashville was a blast. Introduced Patrick to my girl, Envy.... First night on the town, the three of us traveled down to Broadway.... ran around with Squirt Guns. It was comical - drunkenly abducting people with water guns... Envy is like a ray of sunshine. One of those beautiful, giving, selfless kind of people I wish I could strive to be! Most hospitable host - gave Pat and I her bedroom (while she slept on a back-breaking couch for three nights), blessed us with the key to her place, helped us out with Perry, showed us around town, bought good smelling things for my car, made me a mixed a CD - Even got all domestic and cooked Pat and I home cooked meal on her grill.... 

The following day, while I finished up some Internet work, Patrick divulged himself in Nashville Scene Magazine: The Low Anthem and Langhorne Slim were in town! Had just caught Low Anthem the night before we left Cleveland. We showed up at the Tennessee show- Josie was like, "Uh? How? Huh? How are you guys in Nashville!? We just saw you six days ago!?" Great night, great show in a cozy local joint....

Everything was fan-fucking-tastic....... Oooh - And then I fell down a flight of stairs (who polishes their floor with Pledge?  Seriously!?). Landed in a strange position where my left foot was tucked up under me - Heard my bones crack..... Two days later, it is still really swollen, bruised, and painful. Living off ace-bandages, Ibuprofen and lots of sleep..... not sure what else to do..... Without health care - Xrays, bone setting, and casts would cost a small fortune.... Plus, how the hell would I model with an ugly cast on my foot!?

Whoever is manifesting this bad luck, who ever keeps punching the London Andrews Voodoo doll in the face.... quit it!? 

Silver lining: It was not my driving foot! Hell yes it was not my leg!

Night it happened, Envy would not let me sit
 around and wallow in my pain.... "Lets go out! Know this place with lots of couches at this 80's night bar!" So Patrick, her roomies, herself and I all went out for dollar-well-drinks..... had a blast...

Even with the handicap - I pulled off a two hour shoot with Huntsville Jim yesterday! Between sitting and standing, everything was ok. Will have to cancel my wrestling shoot next week... but I think I can work manage glamour and art without the heels....

Photos:  You can thank Envy for these... :  )  Taken at the 80's bar on the night I messed up my foot...  !!!


Anonymous said...

Well lets not forget the niche for cast fetishes. If you did some of those it might pay for a real doctor lol

Take care of yourself,


John said...

Aww, Jes, you have no freaking luck. I'm gonna try throwing good luck vibes your way. With all the bad luck you're having, you would think maybe it's time for something really great to happen, right?


deeredoctor said...


A couple of us said to Take Care on your trip! That includes Pit Stops and Lay Overs etc, ha.

I have fractured an ankel and also sprung an ankel so bad it was black for a week and a half. I know how you must feel..

Get well soon.. DD

Jim in Huntsville said...

I really enjoyed the shoot! I hope that soaking your foot in the tub/bubble bath helped. You were a joy to work with. I'm still editing the 186 photos, but I'll get some to you soon.

PD said...

Never a dull moment. Not to sound like an old person, but get that foot checked out when you can. You don't want to go around being known as Gimpy for the rest of your life? Good to see its not stopping you though. Thatta way to suck it up. That's the London we all know & love.
Nashville sounds like good time. Once again, jealous.
How about this, you deal/get through this bad spell of luck now, you won't have to deal with it later. Plus, you have Pat & Perry with you. That's better than dealing with bad luck alone.
Be careful.

kayakwa said...

London.. when are you coming back to the San Juan Island's? I totally want to get you out in a sea kayak you would freak the fuck out and loooove it! I have some whale watching hookups if your up for it?

Havent seen any photo shoots of you in your frooties in a sea kayak...whats up with that? haha


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed B'ham! Where did you go? Any good food? Safe travels!

Dave said...

Sorry about your foot London. I hope it feels better real soon.

You were missed in Tampa more than you will ever know.

Tracy pulled triple duty and was awesome.



London Andrews said...

I would LOVE to shoot in a Sea Kyack! That would be fantastic! I bet I would fall in and get eaten by sharks with the luck I have been having... ha

Birmingham was great.... well, for the few seconds I was there... Birmingham was a bit of a mess. Did not get the chance to hang out very long...

Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!! I am so sad that I missed the biggest hangout party of the year.... dammit! I hope there were lots of fun stories... you will have to tell me all about them when I get to TX! One more month till I settle in Austin! Hell yes! *big hugs!*