Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Fish! Tim Burton!

Few years ago - Tim Burton was struggling to decide where to shoot Big Fish - Somehow, he fell in love with a tiny sleepy town outside Montgomery Alabama - an island - an itty bitty getaway...... the beauty is outrageous down there - Spanish Moss, lush greenery, towering trees, smiling butterflies, talking unicorns - the whole bit. You have never felt so much magic in nature - I always enjoy driving through Alabama.

Last week a photographer hired me to crawl around the Big Fish set - naked! Whoooo! Remember the town that Ewan McGregor stumbled upon in the movie?! The town of Spector! I got to shoot there.... boobs out... dusty butt.... barefoot....

In order to bring more tourism and film production to Alabama - guess, the Alabama Film Commission implored Tim Burton to leave his the props behind. From the looks of it - the Film Commission never got around to actually using the set for anything.... so the entire town, the houses, the church - all is in disrepair. Nature is reclaiming the town, trees growing through the road - really sad.

Briefly researching this information - I stumbled across a story about the lady who owns the island.... Guess, she also owns a bunch of goats and one night, the goats ate half Tim's set. Ha. They had to build all her goats a goat-proof home while they filmed.... No goat sightings - but it was a very eventful afternoon climbing around all the houses...

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james said...

ha! living in South Alabama for most of my life I never saw one of those unicorns. I think they may have been hunted to extinction!

My aunts husband was actually in the marching band in the movie.good movie