Wednesday, March 25, 2009



PD said...

Now that's pretty. Like I said, big time jealous. Makes me wish for being at one of those beaches with a chair and a drink.

JRtist said...

Whoa... Great shots! You should have some of these enlarged for prints and sell em!... well, if you wanted to anyways.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos. God, you are SO lucky. All I wanted to do when I was in Florida was to stay as close to the beach as possible. Alas, my family had other ideas. The best I could do was Clearwater for 3 hours, and Cape Canaveral beach for 25 minutes. The rest was all about Mickey Mouse and the Rays. Dammit.. :-)

You got a good head on your shoulders, girl!

Meanwhile, I'm about to go camping in the SNOW with 7 little rugrats. Are we nuts? Yes, yes we are. :-)

And do you suck for experiencing such great weather while we're starin' in the headlights of 4-8 inches? Yes, yes you do! :-)



Aaron Riveroll said...

Talk about some awesome sunsets. SOO pretty!!

deeredoctor said...

I have been on many beaches, during the day, but never have had the time to stay and see sights like those. Pretty awesome shots Lo.

deeredoctor said...

After seeing your pics. I decided to make a run for the beach this weekend. We are planning to stay on Biloxi Beach MS across the street from the GOM.

Hoping to have some much needed fun for the weekend with all the family and wifes sister's family too.

We are going to the airshow at Keesler AFB, it's free admin, so hopefully will be a good weekend. Temps are to be 72-76 deg's. Sat is clear and no rain so should be a good evening for a sunset. I never have stayed the night there so don't have a clue to what the sunsets look like..

Hoping things are lookin up on your end.

P.S. Thanks for the idea..

randell13 said...

Beautiful sunsets ......isn't it ironic how short the time is to make a sun rise or sun set picture.