Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For my Birthday:

I bought myself a Banjo!

Yay! I am so excited!


Anonymous said...

You're kidding! *I* taught myself how to play banjo (badly), last summer!!! Yours is better than mine! Thinking this makes you incredibly dorky or me incredibly cool, by association....(must be cool)

Titi-bum or TIMTIMTI?

ps. Hope the rest of your birthday is a blast.

gibsonvt said...

I have a "learn to play the banjo" book if you want it. Happy birthday.

Chris A. Whitaker said...

What tuning are you going to use?

London Andrews said...

I have loved the banjo so much this year - I really want to learn how to play it.....

V - do you really have a Learn to play Banjo book lying around your house? Ha, what are you doing with a book like that... ha... I would LOVE it. It would be a great place to start... you have my address, I think. I can text you the Cleveland one, if you do not.... I love you guys. Thank you so much, V....!!!!!!!!!!

As for tuning, I have no idea... ha. I have not thought that far in advance. I will probably download a banjo tuning session and just do it by ear. I was great at that when doing guitar, way back in 12th grade... : )

Anonymous said...

Bappy Hirthday J my dear. If there were more banjo players that looked like you I'm sure sales would shoot up 1000%. Unfortunately, every time I think of banjoes I also think of that kid in "Deliverance." I would definitely prefer to associate it with you. Enjoy those lower car rental rates down in Florida (Finally!). I'm so glad you're your usual whimsical self again. xo

Charlie said...

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You're as old as me now.

Man, I'm still not used to being so "mature."

Jimmy McNamara said...

Happy Birthday, London, enjoy your banjo.

Since you learned the guitar, you should be able to teach yourself the banjo. You have to get used to the drone string, but that's part of the fun.

Your friend and fellow banjo player,

American Citizen said...

Banjos rock!!!

Be sure to get some GHS J D Crowe light strings.

Enjoy your new escape from life.

Anonymous said...



Tradition dictates:


O'Teaspoon said...

Oh yeah, I had wanted to mention that your previous post (and all prior) is not displaying correctly. Neither are any of your ads nor navigation links -- no one can see anything but this entry, and a photo in the last post, from the default page. 'View Source' shows that all the data is intact but my web browser (IE) can't cope with the embedded tags from MS Word - you must be using it to edit the text. Not sure if you're aware...whatever. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I have Internet Explorer AND Firefox. For those of you who are having trouble viewing London's page, Firefox HAS NO PROBLEM.

Blame Bill Gates and kiss Internet Explorer goodbye, if you want my advice... :-) It has a bunch of security issues anyways, IE is mucho susceptible to hackers, etc. Anybody looking at their bank accounts using IE should have their hands slapped. Trust me, you're losing a bad, bad thing. It's no loss!

Download Firefox here.

There. Problem solved. :-)

Next? (I'm feeling lucky. LOL)

xoxo London!