Monday, March 2, 2009

"But you will look great!"

Few days ago I came down with the Flu and had to cancel all my bookings for Pittsburgh. I was laid-flat, all fever-ish, confined to my bed all day.

Some of the photographers were happy about the 24 hour notice and gladly re-booked with me for early April... others... well... lets just say others were not 'shiny happy people holding hands'.

Matt wrote me an email... asking me how I was feeling. Explained to him that my temperature was skyrocketing and it was difficult to keep food down (yet, of course, more descriptive and gory-like.... because I was writhing in pain and hoping for a virtual sympathy hug)...... To which he replied,

"Wow.....that is basically terrible - but you will look great by the time we go to Florida, keep me posted I love you ........"

That would be Matt for you... my Virtual Love Muffin!

Took five days.... but I am almost back to feeling normal again. Temperature is back to where it should be, my body no longer feels like it needs an exorcism. I am now thriving on a diet that consists of nothing but oyster crackers and chicken-broth (I am too scared to eat anything else - nothing will stay in my body) - I have lost almost twelve pounds. So in a way, Matt did find the cloud's silver lining.... It is true, once I tone-up at the gym - I will look really good for Florida next week.

Photo Credit: EPO (thought these photos were appropriate... ) Feb 14, 2009


PD said...

Good to hear you are almost back to normal. Leave it Matt to find the sliver lining. There is another way to look at this as well: It could have been worse. If you still feel it when you get to Florida, find an Orange Grove, and walk through it. Just the smell of all of those oranges should do the trick. Worked for me when I would visit my Grandparents down there. You be careful, and dont over do it to soon.

Rebecca Lawrence said...

Great photos!! I love it.

Hope you feel better soon, sweetie. Also, I'll be passing through Cleveland on the 5th, so let me know if you're around.


doctor e said...

I have no doubt that you'll be looking fabulous by the time of your arrival in Florida...

And by then you'll be able to give up the oyster crackers - but I'll be sure you and Matthew get some oysters at Monk's! (Had dinner there tonight as an *ahem* quality control exercise!)

Dubbayoo said...

wow, is that first picture you? LOL

Bowman Wanser said...

Get well, feel better, and enjoy Florida. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back on your feet. I lost 9 lbs when I got the big F last year and saw the silver lining as I eventually looked a lot better when I looked in the mirror (especially around the waist). Well, look at it this way now: you've met your flu quota for the rest of the year at least, no more wondering "am I the next to get it?" Have a great time in Florida and Doll and be safe. Have a Smashing Birthday tomorrow, hope you gets lots of love n goodies! Oh yeah and that first pic of you about to barf is priceless; ur so cute! ;)