Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Houston - Messygirl

For the first time in a very long time - I feel unsettled about traveling. It is odd, this feeling - Worrying about things that never bothered me before. Keep thinking that if I stay away from Ohio too long... My life in Cleveland will fall apart. That the dog won't be there or my side of the bed won't be there or that Pat will wander away or that his feelings will have changed for me - or worse, we will have that weird traveling-relationship that is not a real relationship - but a relationship on a schedule. I really do not want to go back to that... Mentioned to him tonight that if I worry too much, I am going to give myself that weird wrinkle in the middle of my forehead - the wrinkle that looks like a butt.... He says I am already a butthead - I washed my face in the shower with his butt-washcloth the other day.... ohhh ewww.... Really! Someone should label those things!

Houston is nice as usual. Weather in the 70s. Spent the last two hours hanging out with Darrell in the hottub.... jumping back and forth from the cold pool to the heated pool, singing songs underwater, making him guess what they were.... He says he could have guess Green Acres, but with all the water I kept choking on - was too difficult.

Been working with Darrell, since forever.... Houston was the very first city that I ever flew to - on a ticket - booked by someone else - specifically for modeling....

Ha. Well no. Not modeling.
I do not think that I would ever
consider Messygirl a modeling-job....
It is a messy job....

....It is a lot of fun, and I enjoy it more than any of my other fetish work. Obviously if you are not into women being completely covered in sugary-slush, it would not be your thing.... But you should have respect for it. I mean, my normal day consists of: Wake up at 10am to pie crust being baked, by 11am there is a table full of cool whipped pies, by noon I am usually covered and running around as a pie monster trying to fling coolwhip at Darrell, by 1pm I am showered, clean, and my hair smells like chocolate cake batter... I spend the rest of my day hanging out around the pool, reading books or working with friends and site-seeing. It is hardly a life to complain about (if I do ever get a butt in my forehead from worrying, you can tell me I am a total-lame-o..)

Got hooked up with Messygirl in 2005, because a photographer in NY shot some really cute, girly photos of me eating jelly donuts and getting all messy with them (photos are attached to this blog). Both the photographer and myself shot the photos for free... so I asked for equal rights. He said Yes. I asked him if I could locate an outlet to sell the images to - could I? He said Yes. So I sold them to Messygirl. Darrell and Leah thought I would be a good addition to the site. They flew me down here - and I have been flying down here, twice a year - ever since. It is nice, because we have history and I feel a bit like family now.....

Here till Friday, then visiting Dave in Dallas for awhile. Dave is another one of the photographers that I work with - whom I feel is more like family and less like work.

Back home (...refering to Cleveland as home from now on) December 9th, 5:30pm. - Whoot!


vikingman said...

A flower for being so honest once more!

there seems to be a small but distinct difference between men and women:
thanks for the other answer!!

Men love their women, regardless, what they use to wash their face with.
( focus on a WASHED face, which is soo nice)with or without wrinkles ;-))

Women obviously? don't !
( focus on CLEAN wash-cloths, maybe not so much on water and soap...?)
For sure!!

Thank You for this one!!!

hope this is not held against me!!

sad to hear, You start to worry,
oh well, rain is followed by sun, just a matter of time!

some opinions:

"Worry is interest paid on trouble BEFORE it is due.” William R. Inge

"worrying can lead to stress. What do we accomplish when we worry? Focus your mind on actions rather than on worrying! Action brings less stress." Catherine Pulsifer

"Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen."
Ralph Waldo Emerson ( heard this one before...)

A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.
Rita Mae Brown

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what YOU want.
Ben Stein

Understand Your dilemma isn't so easy to solve,though You are working hard and persistant on it.
As the two parts are quite dynamic and not static, a solution requires at least truth, trust,one or two clear minds and some form of commitment from both.
Schedule is very static, I agree.
Nothing to commit to!!
Not someone as dynamic as You or a wild bird...

If this schedule thing would stop to exist, how could another situation be created then, that would suit You better?

What stops You from seeing each other when You feel like it? Don't limit Your creative powers!!!
Money and location don't matter at all!

Could You create "time spaces" without schedules in them?

(Can't find any reason or proof for any doubt or worries in Your description, sorry.)

(Please forgive me this one:)
If Pat wonders away, he'll surely walk in the direction You wanted to go next anyway,
how does that feel, or sound?

Flying on tickets booked by someone else sounds great fun!
You might consider Yourself a very lucky person to be offered such chances!!

good to hear You enjoy messy girl!
Sounds really wonderful!

leaving Bavaria Mon. 8th
really longing HOME now!!!

Give Your mind some creative rest
hot tubs,cream and slush seem the right ingredients.....
all the very best to You!!

PD said...

Good to hear that your found the sun and are enjoying it. Singing contest in a hot tub. Dont the bubbles make it hard to sing?(Besides the water) When you are doing the shoots with all those cake, pies & what not, do you ever get to eat any? Or are they just for smearing all over?(Come'on, at least one pie?)
Sounds like what you told me about that Texas Triangle of yours is right on. Its does not sound like work but hanging with friends.
Have a good time.

Mark said...

My god jess was it that long ago, 2005 that we first shot those jelly donut pics. As I read your blog here I find it interesting to find out that I had such an impact in getting you into this MESS, pun intended, with messygirl and perhaps the rest of the wonderfull experiences you have had with this modeling thing. We sure had fun with all that jelly dripping down the front of you and everywhere else. Then doing the ice cream set with the whip cream and sprinkles was a challange but cool too. Hope some day you'll get the urge to have fun like that again. You know you are always welcome at my studio.
As the song goes,
"Don't worry be happy!"

London Andrews said...

Mark..... if you did not live, literally in-the-middle-of-nowhere... I would definitely visit more often. Even years later after working with you, I still use several of your images in my portfolio (the treehouse one is killer)..... it is just that damn drive that I dislike - so many country backroads and it is nearly impossible in the winter with my mustang.... blah.

You are near absolutely nothing... ha. Not even in between cities.

I promise to try to get out to see you sometime before the summer ends... I need more outdoor, happy, sunshine shots - can never have enough of them.... : )

As for the rest of you. If I had a pie, I would share it with you... : )

gibsonvt said...

Great pics Messy Jessie! Love the hair color, it looks great on you. Glad things are going good in Cleveland. Sara and the kids say Hello. We should catch up soon. Give me a ring this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I was looking through your blog and I was inspired and impressed with your use of posts and writing.

I have a blog here in Southern California at San Diego and I try to look for new friends who will visit and comment.

I think you may appreciate my different labels and music videos that I use for my posts.

I also intall my art, as it is my High Art blog, however, I have an international audience and you could really meet some of the neatest people through my blog.

I hope to hear from you soon and take care... :)

London Andrews said...

Oh how I miss that hair color - I loved having black hair so much!!!! I felt all sultry all the time... and if not sultry, I had a tan and I fit in very well while I was in Guatemala..... What I did not like was having to pay $450 to go through 3 bleaching sessions to get it back to where it is now...

Vic, I will try to call - but geeze, I am not a phone person. I would rather send notes in a bottle. Speaking of, send me your address in a comment - I won't post it - need to send you guys a Christmas card....

In fact, anyone who would like a Christmas card - drop me a message on here. I won't post it, promise. : )

And Jesse - cool, thanks for finding the blog. I have been guest blogging on a few other blogs for the past few weeks - that is a lot of fun.... : )

Jim in Huntsville said...

Please don't send me a card, but here's me wishing you a very merry Christmas. I hope you find some peace and fulfillment in this Season.

Anonymous said...

Love you London!! Welcome back to ARE an ICON and some of us are very glad that you got the bug to be gracing lenses that are so very honored to capture YOU!!



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