Monday, December 15, 2008

Kicked out of Goodwill?

Few days ago I found myself trekking the back roads of Cleveland, exploring new routes to my apartment - Had just finished up with a two hour cardio session at my gym (a gym which seems to support the idea that everyone needs to discover Bikram yoga while running on treadmills). Did not have time to change out of my sweaty workout clothes since there were just too many naked chics hanging around the locker room that day - And yes, I know that seems strange since my job is a naked job - but around civilians, I do become quite self-conscious. So here I was driving back home in my sweaty workout gear.... and lo and behold! A Goodwill! (Oh how I love second-hand stores!)

You know why I love them? First off, I feel like I am not exploiting small children who have to sew clothing for pennies. Someone else bought the shirt, they tossed the shirt, and then I came along and found another use for it. Second, everything is so friggin cheap! I mean, $4.50 for a pair of patent-leather Nine West heels, tags still attached? Are you kidding me? I can buy five shirts for less than $10? Oooh and finally - I just love the hunt! - I have found most of my vintage hats and clothing at second-hand shops. Almost all my modeling stuff: Dresses, slips, sunglasses, wigs, scarfs, shoes, all my weird items came from second hand shops.... Undies and bathing suits I tend to avoid... but everything else is game....

Since moving here, I have been starved of all these wonderful second-hand stores.... The Thrifty, The Salvation Army, Value Village, Goodwill, ect... all seem to be placed in the poverty stricken areas of Cleveland. I know that makes sense since several of the stores were founded to help the homeless and to give back to their community - yet I am used to Syracuse where all these stores are found in the middle and all kinds of people shop in them....

So I was driving back home from the gym and lo and behold! A Goodwill in a non-sketchy part of town! Whoo! So I pulled over, got out, and then realized that I was wearing nothing but a tiny white t-shirt, black spandex pants, and a pair of black stiletto boots from my backseat. But you know what? I did not care. I was all excited about shopping!!! So I walked in, started going through bins and tearing through racks, doing my thing, must have looked like a confused hooker trying to find some clothes to wear. It was about then that I realized that all the Goodwill workers were all cute black guys..... and all of them were staring at my ass. Ha. And mean, like staring.... and discussing... and staring... I felt like I was in one of those hidden camera shows or something. I mean, yes my ass is big and yes, it is super shiny in spandex, but this was just ridiculous..... I attempted to just keep shopping... but then felt this tap on my shoulder.... And when I turned around there was this lady-manager, arms crossed, looking like a mom and goes, "Girrrrl, I think you better come back here when you can find some more suitable clothing.... Can't have you up in here cause all my workers have stopped their workin..." And I was like, "You mean, you are kicking me out?" and she said, "Yep - nothin personal, just cannot have you walkin around dressed like that...."

Haha.... And so it goes - I was kicked out of Goodwill. Guess Goodwill's goodwill only stretches so far, eh?

(and yes, I know that Little Kitty has nothing to do with Goodwill or Spandex... but I miss him. Going back to Syracuse on the 22nd.... ! Whoo!)


PD said...

Well..... I guess there's a first time for everything. I'm assuming you will be keeping a spare outfit in the car from now on also? Who knew Goodwill had a dresscode? Two hour cardio workout? Your tough. Always fun when you can explore what is around you. Most of the time, you find good stuff. I'm sure the cat misses you as well. Does the dog know about him? You dont need to get into the middle of a jealous rivalry.

Kev said...

Well, the Knoxville Goodwill's in a pretty decent part of town if you ever want to check it out. We promise to be more discreet in our staring.

Topless New York said...

How long are you in Syracuse? There's some hockey games at Cornell coming up in January, you should meet me in Ithaca for some hockey and beer. :-)

vikingman said...

Thanks for a new expression !

and lo and behold !!

Always thought, You were a hunting woman, not quite sure about Your prey, though..
Consider Yourself so lucky to be enjoying those small points of pleasure, there are few people these days, that can !!

As You write, You do become quite self -conscious, I'm not so sure,if it might be a clever thought to ask You for a picture to round off this wonderful description, You in tiny T-Shirt, shiny spandex pants and stilleto heels, any pose You like ;-))
You have it !!

How long were You in there?

Seems You loved the atmosphere in there somehow...?
Didn't You ask someone for help or appeared to be seriously interested to be buying?
Not sure, if You were deliberately ( unaware ;-)) asking for some trouble??
If You weren't, please forgive me!!

have a safe trip home!!

Shad said...

Ha, that might just be the best story I've read all day long.

TrevorCGoldsmith said...

my birthday is the 22nd if you are around for a bit maybe you can come see my dog where i live so that i can't do my drunken pirate disappearing act

TrevorCGoldsmith said...

my birthday is the 22nd if you are around for a bit maybe you can come see my dog where i live so that i can't do my drunken pirate disappearing act

retphoto said...

I wonder how they would of reacted if they had known that you are Model?????

SLEPhoto said...

Your ass was too amazing for Goodwill LOL