Monday, December 8, 2008

Dallas/Puppies/Jade Vixen

First off, Dallas is completely lovely - As usual, Dave is friggin awesome. Has this crazy habit of shooting several girls all in the same day..... Not sure if he enjoys the company or if he just loves the commotion in the hotel rooms (girls running around throwing clothes around, tackling eachother for makeup, giggling about boys....) There is always a minimum of three women booked to shoot for the day (Today: Mallory, Jackie, and myself - Tomorrow Jackie, Wynona, myself, and perhaps a surprise guest? Never know). All hanging out, chit-chatting - trying not to gossip too much. I have met more models hanging out with Dave - than I ever met while I was traveling across the US ....

Oooh - Last night, Dave bought Mallory a new puppy! Isn't that exciting!? There was this big story about how he blamed himself for the loss of her and her boyfriend's last dog...... soooo last night... he did all this super-secret stuff and bought them a new puppy! Should have been there. Dave called us while Mal and I were out running errands.... He told us Santa was coming to visit - and her and I kept looking at eachother, praying that when we got back, Dave would not be all dressed up in some crazy Santa Clause outfit.... Weren't we surprised when we returned to the hotel -and there was this pure-white, adorable, huggable eight week old boxer puppy running around our room, playing with her boyfriend, bouncing off walls..... Since the puppy was a girl, Dave, of course, bought all this matching hot-pink puppy gear to go with it. Ha. This beautiful girly puppy with her blindingly pink collar.... still does not have a name, but I believe they are leaning towards the name Lily.... awww. Lily-puppy.

On a completely different note, and believe me when I say that I highly dislike switching to a subject as disheartening as this - but it must be mentioned: Miss Jade Vixen, a model/dominatrix out of Philly was recently held up at gunpoint by some insane ex-boyfriend/fan thing. Forced to watch her boyfriend die, she was then abducted, molested, and was left to plead for her life - Ugh. Hearing things like this makes me sick. You need to understand that the Internet modeling community is a very tight community... where everyone knows everyone's business. Creeps are weeded out of the system eventually.....Obviously the fact that she Dommed is a large variable in the story, but she was also a very respected model in both the fetish and the art community... This situation hits a little too close to home. Like many models in the industry, I only know her by name and her work - yet it would mean a lot if you could send this girl some good thoughts through the wires. Cannot even imagine what she is going through.

Pics: Mallory on top, Jackie in the middle, New Puppy in middle, Jade Vixen on bottom


PD said...

Sounds like a good place to be, & a great time is being had by all. Dave sounds like a good guy. Anybody who feels that responceable about the loss of a dog, & gets a new one for somebody. Thats not only cool, but special. You have some karma coming your way. Trying to help out a fellow model whos had bad strech like that. That awful. Good for you for getting the word out. Enjoy that sun, & bring it back with you if you can. Winter's up here early this year.

Anonymous said...

Hope shes alright. Be careful though you might get a huge hate comment from one of Jade's friends. I posted something on myspace just saying I hope shes alright and someone was telling me Im such a bitch when all I said was that I hope shes alright. Ugh, some people!

vikingman said...

Thank You again!
So many different facettes of Your day shared, so much warmth and feeling in the description of the shooting / puppet atmosphere, really lovely to read!
Must be great to be "live" in it!
Lucky You!

So sorry and shocked about the second part of this post.
Reading it,the hair at the back of my neck rose, I could feel all the power, danger, injustice and helplessness in this situation.
Even more, the power of sexuality shone through quite distinctly.

Think, You are right, about that "large variable" in it, it's the same in your words.
And again it's about some men, not being able to control their feelings and actions properly, once exposed to that power, leaving utmost pain and chaos behind.
Don't feel particularly good to be of the same species....
Wish that violence of all kinds will end some day, when there is no need for it anymore, all is good and full of love, for all and all feel it ...
I send good vibes to all affected.

Home again, snow, cold,fire but:
no crutches


SLEPhoto said...

And as if what happened to Jade wasn't bad enough, Theda pointed out in a blog about it that the papers not only published all sorts of stuff about it with her real name and working aliases, they went to her FAMILY'S HOUSE and posted pictures of it, for absolutely no good reason. Shameful & disgusting. :-(