Friday, November 21, 2008

"I read this and thought of your travels...." - Tom

“There’s nothing to life but the living of it…hold still man, regain your love of life and go down from this mountain and simply be-be-be the infinite fertilities of the one mind of infinity. make no comments, complaints, criticisms, appraisials, avowals, sayings, shooting stars of thought, just flow, flow, be you all, be your what it is, it is only what it always is…so shut up, live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.” - Jack Kerouac


PD said...

To whoever Tom is, thanks for the words(Along with Mr.Kerouac).For some of us, putting up the courage, and effort is the hardest part. But, its so satisifing when we do and see the results.
Hope its not snowing in Cleveland, 'cause it is here. Well, get it now and get it over with.

doctor e said...

Thanks for posting something that I couldn't (in spite of decades of training) I couldn't skim when I read it.

It was a perfect time to remind me to slow down....


vikingman said...

any similarity?

"what it is" ( "Was es ist") by Erich Fried, German poet ,translated

it is nonsense
says the reason

it is what it is
says the love

It is disaster
says the strategy

It is nothing but pain
says the fear

It is hopeless
says the understanding

It is what it is
says the love

It is ridiculous
says the pride

It is lightheaded
says the care

It is impossible
says the experience

It is what it is
says the love

Kita St. Cyr said...

Quite right :D

Happy thanksgiving lil lady.

Duff Man said...

How's my favorite London girl blogger? The Guatemala Man wishes you the best.