Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happiness in the C L E

It was incredibly hard packing up my car to drive out here to Cleveland - half the problem being that Matt had stayed over the night before. Dressed in his nearly-new blazer, he spent most of the morning dragging ass because he did not want me to leave town. You throw Matt, my tired second-guessing brain into a blender... and the piles of my life sitting in the livingroom - and it... well.... actually it all sounds a little morbid to me now....

My head kept tap-dancing to Austin, "Go to Austin *clickity click*Austin."

My heart kept telling me to give Cleveland a chance.... even, if only a small one...

While Cleveland itself is not much to look at.... the city is not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Pat works for a local concert venue so there is always live music and good times to be found.... There is a fancy place up the road that does a dollar burger night, a really delicious hooka bar, and a cinema that serves beer and shows foreign films all at the same time - whoo! Because of this fact, I decided it was in my best interest to join a gym (yay!). I love the gym - so many sexy scantily clad men and women, getting all sweaty, and worked-up... ha

Our apartment consists of Patrick, his friend Geoff from college, Geoff's friend Laura, and myself .... oh, and a very mutty dog named Jake - who everyone thought was male but actually turned out to be female... regardless of the mix up, Jake decided to keep her name anyways.

Still looking for a bartending job - once I have one - I shall shout it from the top of mountains for all to know - Stop emailing me about it. It will happen when it does.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that The Decemberists were phenomenally dashing last week.... wish you had been there. There was this crazy Asian guy that was spitting gum and smoking cigarettes, and there was this brave little girl who stood up to him .. oooh and I got to touch Colin's arm when he nearly collapsed on lady's head in front of me. Ha, Decemberists - oh how I love.

Photos from NYC with Kimberly Marvel - She is coming to visit me in Cleveland in a few weeks.... whoot!


Tracy said...

Just in case I don't tell you enough...

Jake is a great dog, I'm glad you get to be around her =) And Pat is a great...well, just a great everything for you right now, so I'm super happy you get to be around him too ;P

And what's not awesome about being around live music!

I can't wait to come see you guys! It will be within the next 2 months. I miss you too much for it to go any longer than that!

I don't even care that it will probably be colder than I could imagine there! I'll freeze to death for you. You are my friend =)

vikingman said...

Sounds like:

You hate to take leave. So does Matt.

Complete struggle between head and heart, the hardest option! Wonderfully described picture! *clickity click*

physical work might help to some conclusion, eventually....

You are as confident about things happening as always,
You will be as right as always!!

So pleased about that!!!

Thank You for a very enlightening description of the plot, as it is for the moment!

Are there still some people around that have not quite managed to get the hang of how things are working in this blog?

DOs are:
lovely, creative comments
positive vibes and atmospheres

any contributions of a loving kind

wait until things happen when they do
(and they will)

flowers of any shape and kind....

DONT's are:

use of private email in oder to press or push things that are not happening instantly

negative, insulting or complaining comments esp. in emailform about unsatisfied egoistic forms of thought

rushing the usual course of life

to be completed by the blog author.....

all the best to YOU !!!!

PD said...

Funny how some things work out,isn't it? Especially when its something you were not sure of. Glad to hear you landed on your feet. Good to hear the neighborhood has something going on. Beer & a movie. Sweet.
I have found one bad thing when you start working out serious(regular). You unfortunately find out how much you lost from the last time you were working out serious. I am finding this out now, & its humiliating. I guess its like all things, you just have to stick with it.
Good to hear the news.