Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bible Coloring Books

I can cook! I know this ..... because sometimes, Matt and I cook together..... and sometimes if/when I follow the recipes correctly, my stuff turns out to be blindsidingly delicious (go me!). And other times, when having a slightly rebellious evening... I turn the cooking over to Matthew - because neither him nor I want to deal with scraping burnt pasta from the bottom of a pan, pretending it tastes like Momma's home cooking...

Tonight, in attempt to assist Matthew in his dinner-makin' - I located my old handy-dandy...Bible Coloring Book! Found it a few days ago....bought it on a whim last year while hitting up the local Dollar General... Who in their right mind would want to color an Ox drowning to death in a flood? Or the photo of Cain killing Abel? "Pass the red crayon, please. *ahem* The blood red crayon please?... Thank you." Personally I enjoy the slang they use to dumb the book down for the kids.... "God grumbled at the Hebrews...." I love that line. "God grumbled.....:

Last night Jeff's little venue coffee-house had a music show for Miss Emily Wells who was doing a musical tour from West Coast-East Coast-West Coast. Nothing like seeing a really cute lesbian, jam on a ukulele, on a Thursday night, covering Notorious BIG - with a bunch of great friends.

Other day I hung out with PD, who is the second person that I have ever met who came strictly from reading this blog..... was really a lot of fun. Since you are only an hour away, next time I make it back to the Cuse... we should go play laser tag or something.... can never have enough people around to play laser tag with. Remember: Coconut soup is yummy, if you have to ask where someone's belly button is - you probably need to rethink the situation, and we totally have a rematch for a game of checkers....

I like friends... and I like when everyone goes Cheers and then you all clink glasses together. Matt and I realized, that when Jeff Katie Matt and I were all out the other night, we forgot to Cheers to Doctor Phil for being Satan. So! I shall do it here on my blog! "Here here for Dr Phil - aka Satan!" *clink clink*


Geo said...

Glad to see that you are broadening you culinary skills, but you haven't reached Iron Chef status until you burn water...Haha!
Mom's home cooking... I sure due miss that, but not as much as I miss mom. Wish see was still with us.

Hmmm... Bible coloring book, huh? Been a long time since I have colored in one of those. Damn!...Long time ago.

Anyway... Don't know if our paths will ever cross, but it would be fun to hang out a talk randomness with you. May have to see about Burning Man... might have to give it a whirl.

Thanksgiving and friends is a great way to celebrate what you're thankful for. I think the verdict is still out on that ToFu-Turkey thought... : ) Because of my hispanic heritage... growing up, it was Turkey and Menudo for Thankgiving and Tamales for Christmas.(We had to have something to open up for christams... Haha! : )

So... I take it you are heading to Cleveland? Well Kiddo... Be safe and I wish all the best.

Dr Phil is Satan!

PD said...

All I have been doing since Saturday is smiling. I had a ball! Next time you pass through, you have the time, tell me when & where, I'm there. Thai, Shopping, Coffee(Gotta do better than Starbucks next time),Lazertag, whatever. Gang, our friend here is a hundred times better in person.
With reguards to the bellybutton: I'm going to call upon the mercy of the court, say you do dumb things when you are in love, & plead insanity.
Checkers: I'm going to get my nieces & nephews to practice with. But, do you have any idea how humiliating it is to lose a straight up game of checkers to a six year old?
Just for laughs: Something you mentioned on Saturday. Macaroni & Cheese. You must be physic. Thats one of the things the family had for dinner on Sunday. All I could was look, smile, & laugh. Now, seeing how mac & cheese not only tastes good, but makes you feel good. I say enjoy it, & dont worry about where it goes.
Get those tickets off your back & stop worring about zombies.
Plainly, you are amazing.
: )