Monday, February 4, 2008

"Excuse me...Miss?"

"Excuse me, Miss.... Did you know that you were doing 95 mph in a 70?"
"I was speeding Sir - but I was not doing 95 - I have driven it all over the country, over 30,000 miles, I know my car - it taps out at 85mph..."
"You were doing 95"
"No I was not.... I was doing 85."
"80.....oh whatever!"
"Yea, whatever, here's your ticket...."

I was SO aggravated because I could care less about the ticket - but seriously, my car does not go above eight-five. Officer McBradley was one of those troopers without radar, he must have guessed my speed as I drove by .... young, bold, bored.... there goes another $280.... You know, I have only had two speeding tickets in my life - and both happened here in FL....

Happier note, the Modelmayhem Tampa Bay Meet and Greet was a lot of fun.... by far the most organized, well thought out location, I have seen to-date. The gathering was held at RAW, a little posh sushi bar, down in Ybor City. Arrived minutes after the doors opened.... just four or five photographers hanging around. Grabbed a name-tag, met people as they came..... Normally Meet and Greets are total madness - hundreds of people milling about, everyone is shooting, flashes going off left and right. You are tripping over cords - You are in someone's shot - You never get to meet everyone that you want to..... but because I was there early, I could pace it. More than anything, I was just excited because people knew who I was.... Models kept coming up to me and telling me how they look up to my work, Photographers asked me about my travels and where I am headed next, I had a few people come up to shake my hand, and gasp a little and go, "I never thought I would actually meet you".... It was soooo sillly and soooo frgggggin coool !!!

Forgive the little gloat there - it was just nice not to be lost.... among all the tall, long legged, brunettes strolling around.... the place was full of the prettiest little things you've ever seen... just check out the bartenders in that photo right there - that is right, they are bartenders in corsets.... ha


Kev said...

One of my favorite Steven Wright jokes:

Officer: Did you know you were going 65 miles an hour?

Wright: Actually, I wasn't planning on driving that long.

Nice to hear that the M&G went better than you expected. Good surprises count too.

Anonymous said...

It's fairly common to use landmarks of some sort and calculate your speed based on that. Besides your usual incorrect information and arithmetic error, there's also parallax ... a chunk of the reason for the margin they give is to help cover their ass; as long as they ticketed you correctly, their information being a bit off isn't damaging to you.