Sunday, January 9, 2011

Neon glasses and a bowler hat

It was fun being back in Syracuse for awhile - The trip was short. Only five days. In that time - Matt moved back to Syracuse. You should have seen him in the airport, carrying around four months of belongings - He had BurningMan clothes, dressy clothes for LA, workout stuff, regular clothing - It wouldn't all fit in his bag...... So he just wore it. He looked like he was headed to a badly dressed party in Antarctica, where they wear neon sunglasses with bowler hats..... We were flying on Christmas Day (first for me) - We gave up our seats on the plane to a very desperate couple trying to get home for the holidays. In return, the airline gave Matt and I $400 in vouchers and we still got home before midnight! It was a happy holiday for everyone! Now Matt can fly to Austin for SXSW in March and it won't cost him a dime!

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France said...

Very snug and comfortable. With some googles there is always that small gap that debris can sneak into, but it is as though these were designed for my face since the curves contour to the shape of my face and only a few millimeters of space all around from my face to my glasses.