Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Corwin: November in the GreenBelt


marcello callo said...

Beautiful, beautiful, interesting and intriguing, perfect woman, eternal woman, never forgotten, always remembered, I admire and appreciate you and wish you every success, your image and character are right, your eyes and your eyes captivate me enlighten me, london always beautiful, always beautiful and totally seductive

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful.

vikingman said...

Marcello is right.

It is Your eyes that are magic!

First I saw You posing in that latex dress with knee boots somewhere, then I discovered a lady bathing in a tub with chocolate pudding, and I was absolutely sure, she was the same person.

Because of the unresistable eyes and facial expression.
It shows that You love what You are doing.No limits !

Oh, and as there was the name "London Andrews" with the first pictures in the dress,so I permitted myself to google You.

guess what I found?

this blogg....


thank You soooooooooooooooo much !

hugs from the North!

Anonymous said...

Le chuparia con ansias y luguria su bello y caliente ano.

firehead said...

hey london,

this is the most beautyful photo that i have seen here till now.
your wonderful naked body there in the nature with this fantastic light... that's the scene i'm dreaming of my hole life!

keep on posting your wonderful photos please :-)

Anonymous said...

StunninG!!! You never fail to please London! XXX.

Ryan M. said...

You are a gorgeous woman and this picture absolutely proves it. It's classic, timely and feels like a warm spring afternoon.