Tuesday, July 27, 2010


While shooting with a photographer on Sunday afternoon, he asked "Do you shoot Pink?" (in case you are wondering - That is industry-talk for 'will you spread your vagina open and let me shoot your cervix...') ....And replied politely, "Nope, not my thing".....  He, then, asked "Really? You wont even do it OFF camera?"


vikingman said...

jepp, Your butt is bigger, but my head is thicker....

Still You wear Yours with an extraordinary grace, that I can't compete with !


PD said...

Busy as always. But, it sounds like it was a fun, creative kind of busy. That's always the best kind.

And how do you make 20 minute brownies in only 10 minutes?

Paul said...

Amazing...sounds like a 80's porn shoot or a former Hustler photog!

Brian Pearson said...

First, uh, no.
Second, I prefer photos of the outside overall curvy looks rather than the inside pink parts anyway.

So this dude is way off base in every way possible!