Monday, July 12, 2010

Aquapalooza Lake Travis 2010

"Palooza" seems to be a quick way of saying, "You are gonna party your ass off all weekend..." AquaPalooza just rolled through. Free event, no tickets needed, held in over 100 different locations around the world. Touted as "the world's largest boating event," 15,000 boats and 84,000 attendees are expected in the aquacade's 100 locations around the globe (Stockholm, Singapore and Marbella, Spain all get stops).

I had to go check it out. You know I had to. I had this fifty foot boat lined up Friday night - $30 a person for ice, food, and shade. Butttt the captian was pushing off at 7am the next morning, wanted us there by 6:30am... I was laying in bed thinking, "It is 2am right now, can I really wake up in 4 hours and sit on the water for 16 hours and be happy about it?" Nope. That is not happening. Scratch that idea. Then I figured, there has to be a way to get out there without a boat. "Pat and I will just buy some pool rafts and swim it!" Great idea in my head (not sure how I talked Patrick into doing this, normally he is smarter than this), not so great when you have been swimming for a halfhour, it is 5pm, and the stage is still a tiny black dot in the distance - We did make it to the other side, cardio and all.... Just in time for Brad Paisley's encore!

Turn around.

A nice family boat picked Pat and I up on the way back - They dropped us off on the other side of the lake.... Pat and I hung out on our colorful floats, talking to other people on colorful floats, drinking beers, watching the sunset... It was a really good day.


kayakwa said...

Hi London....

Im still awaiting my chance to run into you somewhere along your path.....i am manifesting the shit outta that! Tell this Pat character he's ONE LUCKY MAN, hope he knows just exactly that....anyhow best to you and your amazing personality and heaven sent body, he must be okay if he paddled a innertube across the bay hahaha. Maybe ill manifest meeting a girl similar to you if it so happens that our meeting never presents itself lol! concert looks awesome.....who knew, texas huh! You seem so small town for a big internet photo sensation, and nice and smart and funny and just.....NORMAL!

vikingman said...

some of Your so descriptive words, feelings and emotions hidden between the lines,
some pictures and that is enough to send me travelling the very instant:

here I go!

horses on a lawn in the summer heat....., floating in an inflatible pool, attending a concert......

my mind is off and away, while my body here still sits in front of the little machine, my soul is far far away too, visiting all those wonderful places You are inviting to.


thank You SO MUCH again

Anonymous said...

hey man I like it. I'm going to write more posts and put your ideas to the test. After all, we always have something new to learn and being humble, I came here to learn. Bookmarked.

- Josh