Friday, March 26, 2010

The skunk

Last night, I had a dream that Matthew was chasing a cartoon skunk! He chased it over rivers and through the woods, all over Manhattan, down a beach in the Keys, through a parade in LA... and it just kept blinking at him with it's small little cartoon eyes.... *blink blink*

So I woke up and I drew it in photoshop... what do you guys think? It is pretty friggin awesome, right? Yea, Pepe' La Peu... take that!


Curvluver said...

um rawr rawr rawr, and a he he he. Ze skunk she alooks magnifique!

vikingman said...

Oh sooooooooo wonderful!

So smart to ban it with photoshop at once, this had it never imagined to be blogged around the world the next day.

And the idea of *blink* ing eyes!!

You are priceless, not changing a bit in the years!

Unbeatebly creative 24/7 / 12 / 100 (years...)

Thank You, regards to the namesake


wigglytoothman said...

*blink blink* That one made me laugh out loud! The question is this: What caused a dream about a cartoon skunk? The mind is an interesting place...

Matt J said...

Actually you should hold on to that. And look into making t-shirts to sell using that as your logo. I could see you making cash on marketing your stuff. Shirts, hats, lingerie, etc, etc. Get a kwel font with your name London Andrews with the skunk underneath that.

Lets get this group together and use that skunk pic and design some logo for her to use in future projects, but don't alter the actual pic, only resize it.

Then you can pick out the best 4 you like and have the group vote on their fav.

Bad Guy Zero said...

This reminds me of back in my married days when I bought a CD called "The Carl Stalling Project." Stalling was responsible for most of the music in the classic Looney Toons.

I was listening to the CD at home and the now ex- had weird dreams about Elmer Fudd chasing her. She ran into a house and hid under a table. The room had one window and she looked up to see Elmer's eyeball peering through the window. "Huh huh huh huh fowgot that I'm a cawtoon chawactew and can make myself eight feet tall." What a sonofabitch that Fudd is!