Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Skinny Head

After my brother's engagement party - followed by "Hot-dog-hamburger-yummy-potato salad-pass me a Budweiser-day".... Matt and I are spending the rest of the week at the gym. Goal: Trying to create a 'skinny-head'. Skinny head is when you are not exactly skinny, but you feel like you earned skinny status because you worked-out so hard ..... Two hours of cardio yesterday. This afternoon we are trying for three..... hopefully, my heart will not burst like the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart trick in Kill Bill - because sometimes, with a heart rate of 200, I just imagine it happening like that....

Oooh! Tracy is coming out to NYC! Really excited.... Was pretty sure it was impossible for her to purchase tickets since they are rounding-out at about $800 now. But Tracy contacted a good friend in TX and (because he is awesome) he is flying her to Dallas, working with her, and then putting her on a plane to NYC.... D, I love you! Not sure if you picked up on it, but I was really worried about NYC - it is the one city where I can count on two hands, all the bad things that have ever happened to me in this business. Even though Tracy and I are not together the entire trip, it will be great to have someone to ride the subway back and forth for awhile - it will be nice to have someone to walk around the city with....

Tonight Matt and I are headed over to my buddy Joel's place. He just opened thee only 'all Vegan' cafe in NY state found outside of NYC. His place is called Strong Hearts. Guess the cafe is getting a lot of business, I am so happy for him! Joel is a fantastic person..... met him a few years back when he asked me to go on an Urban Exploration trip. The two of us hopped on his bike, broke into all kinds of abandoned places together. There were buildings where the carpet was so covered in flora, you had to wade through it. Last year, he volunteered to work on the Sea Shepard, saving whales off the coast of Japan. Actually, there is a great photo of him in National Geographic! It is close-up of Joel and some of his shipmates, floating in the open waters -with this giant Japanese whaling ship is closing in on them. After the Sea Shepard, he became a professional gambler, saved enough money to buy himself business here in town. Tonight, Joel and I are shooting together - it will be his first nude shoot! I love getting to be the first! : ) Yay!

Photos! Fourth of July (aka: "Hot-dog-hamburger-yummy-potato salad-pass me a Budweiser- day") Hanging out with the roomie's family in Ohio - I have fourteen younger cousins, and not a single one of them is as wonderfully behaved as these two.... If it was possible to recreate children like this - I would consider having them.....


AD said...

that post went everywhere!

I so want to go exploring abandoned buildings. So many up here. Now I will go google and see if there any groups in my area that do this.

Glad to hear your NYC trip is coming together.

Hope it goes well.


Anonymous said...

Do as I say and not as I do..the workout does NOT excuse the yummy, super wonderful mocha frappe deliciousness afterwards, so abstain!

But dammit, they have this coffee shop/cafe like right in the gym lobby. You have to walk past it to get out the door.

I've made it twice with my resistance shields intact. Go me!!!



PD said...

Always feels good after a hard workout. 3 hours? That's tough. Nice to have friends. Good to hear Tracy can make NYC. Should make the trip more enjoyable. Joel sounds like he has already had a full life. He's gotta be good for all kinds of stories. If you shoot in an abandoned place tonight, careful not to spook any zombies! : )

Did Matt end up eating the hose?
; )

small1sh said...

I want you to be my first too!

Anonymous said...

Stay healthy and eat healthy London, but if your workout isn't "health" related, PLEASE PLEASE don't ever loose your GORGEOUS plus-sized appeal. You are the most beautiful example of letting a man bask in his genuine appreciation for a voluptuous woman.


Andy said...

Children are most photogenic then everyone. Don't hope to photo them, but every photo I make became cooool :)