Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter goes Dumpster Diving!

Joel found a place that hit photoshootin expectations ..... Hancock Airport Base! I have lived in Syracuse for most of my life, never had a clue that this structure even existed.... Built in the 1950's - abandoned in 1990's, the base was originally constructed to house soldiers at the airport. Entire streets of abandoned buildings, lined up and forgotten. Nature taking over the roads, trees breaking through the concrete - the city does not have enough money to demolish the place... so... only a few miles from the airport.... it sits... rotting....

Over dinner, Joel brought up the fact that Harry Potter was opening..... ! Now I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but Matt, on the other hand, is sorta kinda a Harry Potter fanatic (he has read all the books at least five times).... So Matt started bouncing up and down on his seat, "Can we go? Can we go?" Sure! Why not!? Figured the show would be sold-out - but worth a shot on a Tuesday evening! Since it was THEE opening-night, I kept imagining the theatre teeming with Wizards and people dressed up as demented-looking Muggles. "We cannot possibly go without dressing up! Matt! Do you have any Hogwarts clothing!?"

Wizards-galore! It was like being part of a really under budgeted movie! Highschool kids in their graduation outfits, little boys tripping over their Gryffindor scarfs, girls with dollar-store geek glasses, Mad-Eye Moody wearing duct-tape over his head! Matt, Sara, and I had bamboo-stick wands (made from untying all of Matt's tomato plants in his garden)! I rocked out this really original black fitted-sheet as a cape! Fantastic!

The movie itself was OK. Whatever.

Got back around 3:30 am - Matt and I decided to go dumpster diving (aka garbage hunting) until 6am. Found all kinds of fun stuff. A beautiful-red toaster, a rainbow belt, some neat stuff for my car - Matt found some great wooden chairs for his backyard, a matching wooden table, a few potted plants, and this really funny looking felt-scarecrow-hat which he insisted wearing around all night... Good times.

NYC on Friday morning.... geeze, time goes by much too fast.


PD said...

Always wondered: Why does time go by fast when you are enjoying yourself, and slow when you are not enjoying yourself?
Shouldn't it be the other way around?
You two look like you would fit right in at Hogwarts.

AD said...

Very cute, looks like you guys had a good time. Have to agree you guys did a great job of dressing the part on short notice.

Have a good NYC trip!