Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Falling behind.... Where did I leave off last? I am going to have to check.
Jesus, it was Canadian boarder control... wow.
..... So much goes on in just one week for me.

Stopped in Glacier National Park, Banff, and Jasper on my way to Calgary - I am not the best at descriptions but if scenery could give people orgasms, that place really did it for me..... It was like driving through a picture book, with 3D pages and little teddy bears on the side of the road. Received a call yesterday from my friend Jeff York, who is on the road and somewhere near where I am staying right now - going to be really disappointed if we cannot hook up along the road.... we'll see how that goes tomorrow afternoon....

Calgary was amazing. I planned it just right so that I hit the city during the Stampede - which is basically a festival/fair that stops the city for an entire week - everyone dresses up like cowboys and cowgals. They pound beer, party their asses off, and stumble onto the train to go back home.... The photo to the left was taken on the ferriswheel (which I got topless on... whoo!) While in town, I stayed with this really kickass guy named Chris.... Happy I stayed with him longer than I planned, it worked out really well. Mario Carts at 3am, topless on the fairswheel, a giant love-boat of over ordered sushi, mini donuts and BMX bikes, the little cha-waa-waa.... mmm and glacier beer. I love people who are real.... I wish I ran into more of them...

Dyed my hair incredibly dark a few days ago, nearly black. I love it, I missed it.... I forgot how much sex is in dark hair, it is just sultry as all hell. What else? Hmmm.... Oh Yea! Camera driver is working again! So here are photos that I took today on my drive to Medicine Hat. Had to pull over and shoot with all those Canola flowers - I would have regretted it for days to come..... Keep in mind these photos are not photoshopped at all. The colors are just phenomenal out here. Tomorrow is the dreaded drive towards Winnapeg, followed by Fargo. I am estimating a total of 20 hours of driving time through the praries..... yuck yuck yuck


forestviking said...

So good to hear from You !
Glad You decided to go for dark hair instead of blond, as You earlier had thought about ;-))
(Have never understood, what this fuss about blond is about.)
Are any cowgirl pics available, with almost black hair ....?
Do agree on dark hair being the thing!

You want to run into more real people?
Let's know more about this topic, if You feel like it; sounds very interesting.
What makes real people "real" in Your eyes and why did they become like this, do You think?

Good luck doing long distance driving, taking a napp when needed helps sometimes a lot.
Sure You'll pass lots of nice places and scenery on the way.

Safe journey!

Anonymous said...

jlo you look so beautiful and healthy in the skinny way....... looks like heaven out there .......

Aaron Riveroll said...

I LOVE those pictures. What I wouldn't give to go there some day. They are totally Windows XP background-ish sort of pictures...and they are so cool, I'd put them as my Mac background. :D

London Andrews said...

Dark is the-sex... : )

Real people are people who are not crafted in the way that people want them to be. I don't know... when you talk to someone who is 'real' - you can feel their words... they are people who are themselves and no one else, does that make sense?

Matt, I love you - yea, I have been eating really healthy. Canada is full of fresh fruits and veggies - I stop at all the little fruit stands and buy stuff for the car.... it is happy.

Aaron - you should use the topless one on MM as a screensaver... haha.... : )