Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kickin, Lickin, Blowin...

Tracy and I got hired to do this yesterday.... come on? What other kind of job is going to pay you to chew on gum and blow bubbles for an hour? Sit on balloons? And kick a guy in the balls?


Duff Man said...

These pics are too hot to handle (except the last one, funny and disturbing ;)!

Lone Star Damsels said...

That last picture has me a bit nervous...

You and Tracy look awesome and I'm glad you guys are feeling better and having a great time.

Three more weeks!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey London is there a link you can give me to see move of Tracy's work. Does she have a OneModel site or something?? She is so cute.

Kev said...

1) Sweet!

2) Nice!

3) Cute!

4) Reminds me too much of work. Those reports'll be done tomorrow, okay?

James said...

Blowing bubbles or balloons, no.

Now, getting kicked in the balls? Just another day at the office ...

forestviking said...

There are fortunately various fancys and varieties of all sorts of things around. According to everyones taste.

Good to make people happy, sometimes lacking a bit of understanding, does it matter so much?
Impressingly, You manage to join it anyway and make the most out of it nevertheless ! Wow!

Never managed myself to get any pleasure out of things that hurt, that's me!
Prefer the gentle, smooth side.

Don't worry be happy!

Love Your work in all it's different angles and sides!

Keep it up! don't let it harm You.