Friday, June 6, 2008

My heart is your heart

Go into the world, live in the body of sorrows and feel the photons of the starry night stroking your brow. You are the Goddess, you are the warrior, you are the truth, and the way warrior Goddess. Into the night with you. Stop by any time, my heart is your heart, your soul is the soul of the world. It is not easy but then you are power not understood.

Timmers the oddly strange.

Always enjoy receiving mail from Tim.... good friend, in a good place in my world.


Mario said...

Hi London Andrews SLIGHTLY OFF BEAT, But here goes, I have been following your blog over a period for some months now, and finally decide to post. Your last couple of posts had me intrigued, if your writing is anything to go by, you are an amazing person.Photographs don't count because those just rock.
For now enjoy the experience, remember friends, sunsets , sunrises, late nights, early mornings, good music and bad music and of course great meals in the company of folks or individuals that you connect with.

Best wishes.

London Andrews said...

Thanks for the message, Mario. : ) I do my best to enjoy everything that I do, pretty much love my life when I look at all the wonderful things that I get to accomplish on the road.... I enjoy the people the most and after that - I love the scenery....

And then after all that - I love the people who read this blog. Did you know that individuals have written me to tell me that they finally took their kids camping, crosscountry, on a day trip - because they have been inspired by all the traveling on here... I love that more than anything.... thanks for the message, M

hugh said...

Hi - I'm the guy with the motorhome who traveled with you on the tram in the everglades. I see that you are on the way to Alaska just as I am leaving Anchorage tomorrow.
I guess my last comment didn't go out so I'll keep this short.If ther's a chance of our meeting and if you want, I'll buy dinner or something. I'll probably be off line so call me 541-601-1933 if you're interested. I know Alaska and western Canada well. Found you again when I looked for your pic with the skiers on white mounds (good)to show my grandson who has never skied in a place like that. Hope to hear soon - good travels - Hugh