Saturday, March 19, 2011

"That Hampton Inn is Famous?"

"Oh really? ... Why is it famous?"

"Didn't you hear about it? A bunch of girls flew from the UK last week - And they had Illegal butt surgery there? It was all over the news..."

"No," *dumbfounded* "... what do you mean 'Illegal butt surgery?'"

"Well... I hesitate to call him... A 'surgeon' ... But this guy was working out of a Hampton Inn Hotel room - And he performed illegal butt enhancements on a bunch of girls from the UK.... using.... you won't believe this.... Housing Caulk... No joke. The same kind of House Caulking you buy at Home Depot! This GUY, injected CAULK into their BUTT CHEEKS! And one of the girls had chest pains and died shortly afterwards.... That is why that Hampton Inn is famous...."

"Oh." *dumbfounded...*


Anonymous said...

Darqkloud said...

I heard, what I thought was, an urban legend about people getting butt cheek injections with Crisco, somewhere in South America.

But Housing Caulk?

Anonymous said...

Those girls are jealous of your butt, they wanted the same, but I doubt that any surgery can make such a beauty made by Mother Nature.

stuie said...

This was all over the news here for a while. The girl was about 20 when she died. :( She wanted to be a model or was one..? It was a dumb thing to do. She opted to have a cheap butt surgery to make it look bigger.

MagicZombieCarpenter said...

this really doesn't surprise me

A while ago I read a story where some people went and got some botox shots but the "doctor" instead used some watered down botulism and ended up paralyzing four people. It seems vanity and greed will always drive people to do crazy stuff.


Samantha Grace said...

I know this is sad.... but I am a bad person and I think it is funny. It is sad, she died for vanity. But it is still funny.